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Hey peeps

I hope you are all well.

A little while ago I was sent a lovely parcel from Tea India, filled with some of my favourite things- tea!

They sent me some Black tea, and some Cardamom Chai.

Right away I had to try the cardamom chai. I love chai tea anyway, and this intrigued me as usually chai teas have a variety of spices in them. The tea is lovely- very spicy indeed, and less sweet that traditional chai teas. I bet it would make wonderful tea bread, and it will go so well with Christmas cake (or anything sweet really). Just hope I can save some for then!

The black tea is very strong tea- Andy loves it as he likes Assam tea and this is strong, but not bitter or anything.

I also think that the packaging is really pretty- simple with the black boxes, but also eye catching with the intricate designs on them.

They have some other flavours too- ginger chai as well as the traditional Masala chai, plus some “mantra teas“, which include rooibos chai. So many lovely teas, so little time to drink them all!

Last night my cold was not that great, so I missed aerobics in favour of going to the cinema- we went to see Argo, which was excellent– so tense! I would recommend this over Bond (or most films) any day- Ben Affleck seems to direct the good ones. Anyway, today I was feeling better, but instead of pushing it on my Sweatshop run, I went out by myself as soon as I got home. My Garmin went a little crazy- apparently I did the first mile in 3 and a half minutes, and the second mile in 2.36 or something! Not even Paula runs that fast!

Seen any good films lately?

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7 thoughts on “Tea India”

    1. Yes it was so tense- I was trying to calm down my heart beat at one point because there was so much suspense!

  1. Those teas are so beautifully packaged, I’d try them just for that! I still have never tried chai, need to do something about that… there are some great recipes for chai cookies and things around…
    And impressed by the times, you’re going to be there at the next Olympics 🙂

    1. Yeah totally see you in Rio! 😉
      Yes you need to try some kind of chai- there are so many now- try Starbucks chai tea because that is the best of them all- tastes just like the teapigs one, only you can just buy one cup.

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