Wonderful Autumn

Hey peeps

I know I have used this picture before, but I didn’t take any new ones, and yesterday was such a beautiful autumnal day- this picture just captures for me what I love about those days- bright blue sky and wonderful colours on the trees.

Well, last week didn’t go as planned. I felt better on Thursday- no dizziness, but I gave pump a miss because I had such an awful headache- I went out on a walk with Andy instead.

On Friday I did a short run after work, as I was feeling much better, and then Saturday morning was my usual favourite run- a long one of 8.3 miles. The weather was drizzling, and actually much colder than I thought, so I did worry that I would be too cold in my t-shirt, but actually (of course) I warmed Β up. The only time I got cold was when someone asked me for directions (well actually she asked for help reading her map)- I did explain I was rubbish at maps, and could not work out where I was on the map but she kept insisting that I help her. In the end I was stood talking to her for 5 mins, and I was really cold after that.

Anyway, it took me 91 mins, so I think I was running quite fast, because I was stopped for all that time, but anyway it was great to be out there.

After lunch I popped to the shops for some bits- got some yummy mince pie filling and soya crisps from Holland and Barrett, Β and treated myself to a gingerbread latte (no coffee)- they are the nicest warm drink ever!

Saturday night we went to a birthday party, and then Sunday was a relaxing day- started with pancakes and cooked apple- yummy.

Then I had a cooking session- I roasted some butternut squash with paprika (for a chilli I made today) and I made some mexican casserole (roasted veggies in one tray, quinoa, tomatoes, sweetcorn, beans and chilli in the pan)- one of my favourite winter meals.

Then I made some caramel shortcake for Sunday tea- mmm I love those so much.

We also went out on a lovely walk in the autumn sunshine, and had some warming tea when we got home- lovely teapigs tea πŸ™‚

Now I have got a bit of a runny nose (so maybe the stuff last week was down to me getting a bit of a cold?)- after work I went on a 3 mile run, just to get some fresh air, and I think it was the right decision because I felt better once I was out there. On the drive home I was thinking “shall I just have a cup of tea? Or shall I try a run???”- and in the end I am glad I chose to run. I think I am much better now at knowing when I am OK and when I need a break, although because I had a few days off last week I did feel more like I should.

Right, off to relax in front of the TV now- I think there is a slice of caramel shortcake left over from yesterday…

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10 thoughts on “Wonderful Autumn”

  1. Love how the lady stopped you, not like you were going anywhere apparently πŸ˜‰ I think that because you are out running they think you should know the area …. they would SO be shooting up the wrong tree with me if they wanted directions πŸ˜‰
    well done on the blog listing by the way, thats awesome.

    1. Thanks- yes well I suppose I should know where I am, and I do in real life- if she had asked directions to somewhere that I had heard of that would have been fine, but I had not heard of it, and had no hope of finding it on the map!

  2. Chocolate caramel shortbread is the best but I can’t be trusted with it – I made some for a friend the other day and ate half the caramel as it was cooling… πŸ™‚
    Yesterday was beautiful – but so cold by the evening! Glad you’re feeling better x

    1. I always think that if I feel bad during my run, I will cut it short and come home- then I have only lost a bit of time. But mostly once I am out there I love it and feel better.

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