Bird watching

Hello all,

Man was I looking forward to the weekend- this week has been flat out, and after having a few weekends away it was nice to have time at home to look forward to. This morning (after a lovely lie in and then a trip to the post office along with half the town) I went on a run. I have not been on a long run for a few weeks, but seeing as on Wednesday I managed to keep a pretty fast pace with the Sweatshop run (the guy from the shop even said how much he had noticed I had improved) I thought that I would still be fine for my lovely 8 mile route. It was cold, well, windy really, and after not being sure what to wear, ended up being just right- long sleeved craft top (love these, so cosy) and a jacket, gloves, tights and headband ear warmer- kept it all on the whole time. I did glance at my watch a few times to check I was not going too fast, or plodding too slow- most of the time I was about 11 min miles, so fine, and the 8 miles were just enjoyable. I saw a very pretty Jay bird (rusty coloured with bright blue streaks on the wings), so I stood and watched it for a bit, after all, I am in no hurry. Then later I saw a kestrel (you do see them a lot, but it was really close) so I stopped then too. I did the run in exactly 90 mins, which I am happy with. I have done it quicker, but I have also run it slower, and really I am just enjoying running at the moment. I am signed up to the Brighton Half in the Spring, so after Christmas I will concentrate on speeding up a bit, hopefully.

When I got home it was time for a late lunch- tomato soup and some pop chips, which I was sent to try. I was quite impressed.

This week I have been finishing getting all the Christmas things ready. I have made marmalade, fudge, written cards, wrapped presents- I love it. We put the tree and decorations up on Wednesday evening.

I can’t seem to get a good photo, so that will have to do. I went for lights and decorations, but no tinsel or beads this year. Each year we have been adding to our decorations, and I have some lovely ones that I don’t want to be hidden by the tinsel.

This is one of my favourite decorations- we got this in Denmark a few years ago- it is nice to link decorations to memories I think.

I got some cute little tags in Bath so have been labelling the marmalade (and fudge) with those.

I am also going to be playing with my new present! We had “Christmas” with my parents last night as we are away (hopefully) over Christmas itself. They got for us a hot water dispenser- it will be getting a lot of use that’s for sure! We gave them their gifts, and they loved the robin Christmas cake- I don’t think they were expecting it at all. 🙂

I am also going to do a bit more baking- I need to make another batch of fudge for more presents, and we are seeing Andy’s family, and having a breakfast at work. I was sent a lovely book and some cookie cutters as a thanks for my Baking Mad post- how sweet. 🙂

Right, off to do some baking I think. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Bird watching”

  1. Sounds like a great run, and your tree is lovely! We buy 1 new decoration each year, I also don’t put tinsel on as I like to see them 🙂

  2. It sounds like you’ve had a really lovely weekend, you’ve reminded me that I need to write my Christmas baking and cooking list! We are just starting to collect Christmas ornaments for the tree, for the first time this year my Mam and dad have given me my baby’s first Christmas ornament to keep from now on 🙂

  3. Tomato soup is such a lovely comfort food in the winter – one of the few that is also pretty healthy!

    You have been busy as well – you’re a Xmas dynamo for sure 😉


  4. I bet your house is so lovely before Christmas – and everything crossed for you going away!
    That’s great that the Sweatshop man said that and that you’re back to your old self… and I love those earwarmers; need to get some for doing the horses.
    I’ve never seen a jay but kestrels are beautiful, I’ll always stop to watch them 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great run! I like runs where you don’t pressure yourself to finish in a certain time. Sounds lovely with the birds as well 🙂 Always nice to have great scenery in a run.
    Ahh my parents have one of those hot water things and it’s amazing! Really energy efficient and handy for a quick hot drink.
    Wow you made marmalade? Look like great gifts 🙂

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