Run, blog, bake!

That is the team name for the Jantastic marathon talk spring motivation challenge. Now, I know not everyone likes to bake (or blog…)- but I could not think of a better name. So you don’t have to have a blog to join in!

So, to join in (and the more the merrier, please)- go to the marathon talk website. Then you need to register (if you have not already)- with your email address etc. Then find the Jantastic tab, or the Spring Motivation tab.

Then you can select the team ( run bake blog!) from the drop down menu. As I had to create it, please let me know if for some reason it does not appear. Or if you do manage, please say so here.

Also, for fun, watch the little video here.

For January you have to pledge how many runs you will do each week. The first time I did this I chose 3, but I have decided to challenge myself with 4. Not sure if I will manage it, but I feel like 3 is a bit easy as that is what I do pretty much every week unless I am unwell. So rise to the challenge with me!

You have to log your runs each week, and then you get a % score (so if I did 2 of my 4 runs I would get 50% score) but there are no prizes for 100%- it is the taking part that counts.

So, good luck! And please join me!

And, how about this for a post run evening snack? Ocado have finally started stocking Coyo- yummy! I tried the chocolate one, which was nice- not sweet at all, and I have some mango coyo in the fridge for another day.

So, who is with me? And if not with the Jantastic, does anyone have anything they are challenging themselves with next year?


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13 thoughts on “Run, blog, bake!”

  1. Totally signing up, might sign up for 3 runs a week, as I’ve only managed 2 a week the last few weeks and I am doing Best body bootcamp in Jan which is 5 days a week as well I believe, so I don’t want to be too overstretched! I bloody love coyo,the raw choc one is my fave, they are so expensive in Ireland though!!

  2. Oh, I wish I could try Coyo! It’s been something I’ve wanted to taste since it came out…calorie-dense foods are not generally my friend but Coyo sounds too amazing to pass up. Shame the North-East is, as ever, way behind the times in terms of stocking any decent food.

    Best of luck with the challenge – I would join if it wasn’t for my stupid ankle *glares at right lower leg*.


    1. Yes, you need to rest! Although I doubt you will…

      You need to do an Ocado order- £40 worth of coyo! Seems to have a good date!

  3. I really want to get back into running, so I am tempted by this. I would probably only want to go running once a week though, is that enough? By when do I have to sign up? I’m thinking of doing a test run in the next week or two to see if I have any niggles!

    1. Well I think the minimum pledge is 3, but you could sign up and just log one run each week- there are no rules really it is just for fun 🙂
      (And a run can be a run/walk)

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