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A while ago I was sent some Twinings teas to try, as they have launched a new range of teas ready for everyone’s January health kick.

I was sent Winter Spice, Purify and Camomile & Maple sensation, but their range includes white teas, green teas and herbal teas.

The winter spice was the first one I tried.  On the box it says “Spicy, sweet cinnamon and rich tasting licorice snuggle down with fragrant rose-hips  hibiscus and blackberry leaves“, which sounds wonderful, and when I brewed the tea it smelled amazing too. But the taste did not live up to the smell- I was disappointed really. I had it with my breakfast for a few days, and left it brewing for longer each day, but that didn’t seem to make much difference. I think it would be nice in something baked, and also it would make nice iced tea I think, so I will save it for that.

Then I tried the Camomile & Maple Sensation. This lived up to the name much better. The ingredients include camomile, natural cocoa and vanilla flavourings, Madagascan vanilla flavouring and cocoa beans. I really like camomile tea, whenever I have tried it- I think it tastes naturally sweet anyway, and quite soothing before bed-time. The vanilla (and maple flavour) added to the sweetness, but not too much. The fact they come in individually wrapped packets means I can take them to work too, although not as good for the environment.

The Purify tea is billed as being a “delicate, cleansing blend” and includes nettle, dandelion root, milk thistle, spearmint, apple, cucumber and aloe vera. It reminded me of the nettle and mint tea in the Twinings mint multi-pack- even though mint is way down the list of ingredients, the flavour came through. I like mint tea with my breakfast, and so this made a nice change.

They have loads more on their website- I like the sound of the Double mint sensation, and the Lime and Ginger sounds interesting. Although I think the Christmas teas sound the best of all!

 Do you choose different teas/ drinks for different times of the day?

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8 thoughts on “Twinings Teas”

  1. The camomile maple sounds really nice and different, bet it would be perfect for last thing at night. I’m all about coffee all morning, then tea later, although I should try more of this sort of tea instead, I think!

  2. Long time, no comment. I’m been reading all your posts, but haven’t had a chance to comment in quite a while. I like the sound of these teas – I love Twinings Morning Detox at the moment.
    I’m a tea fanatic! My ultimate favourite is peppermint and tend to have that during the day. I also have green tea, chai, redbush and the odd cup of the black stuff.

    1. Hello 🙂
      I think peppermint is my fave right now- but I basically like them all apart from green tea.

  3. The vanilla and maple sounds like a nice combo. I definitely have a routine, coffee or black tea (with almond milk) in the morning – I love chai tea at the moment, then green throughout the day with perhaps a herbal chai after lunch then after dinner I like a sweeter tea like the sugar cookie one 🙂

  4. These all sound really nice. I like chamomile in the evening, green tea in the monring and something with mint or fennel after meals. I love Pukka teas, so I’m working my way through a few boxes of them at the minute

  5. I’ve stopped drinking black tea at work since about September. so every fornight I go shopping and pick out two to three different teas for my desk, so I’ve tried quite a few recently! I’ve had a lovey dandelion and burdock tea which I finished yesterday, and now I have twinings green tea with apple and pear, which I’m not a massive fan of, but I will drink it!

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