Mornflake cereals and 11 answers!

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all OK- I was very excited to see a sprinkling of snow this morning- the fields looked so pretty. Luckily the main roads were fine, and by work it was more of a dusting, although I know in other places it was proper thick snow.  Anyway, the last couple of days I was off work with a horrible sickness bug, but I went back today and feel loads better. I decided to give the Sweatshop run a miss, just to give myself an extra day to get better.

I did think that last week I was very tired, and when I looked back I had done a 4 mile run on Saturday, 8 mile run Sunday, 3 mile run Monday, Aerobics Tuesday, Sweatshop on Wednesday (nearly 5 miles) and pump on Thursday, then a rest day on Friday (but a rush to get to the train station and a late night) and lots of walking on Saturday and Sunday. I think I have to remember that I don’t have to exercise all the time- I get it in my head that because I won’t have time to run on Friday, I need to add an extra one in earlier in the week, and then I miss my rest day.

Anyway, first up I was sent some cereals from Mornflake to try.

I thought they were just sending me the Cranberry and Nut Muesli (so festive sounding) but they also sent some Nuts and Honey Oatbran crisp, and some Nuts and Seeds Oatbran granola.

The Cranberry and Nut muesli is lovely- the flakes seem toasted (and in fact it does contain toasted oatbran and toasted wheatflakes) compared to more typical muesli with just rolled oats. I quite liked it as a topping to normal muesli. It does contain dried apricots, which I don’t get on too well with (I think because of the sulphur dioxide preservative), but it was only in small amounts. I loved the little dried apple flakes in there too.

The oatbran granola tastes like an american granola cereal. It is sweet, (but has13.6g sugar per 100g which is less than the muesli). The clusters are small and there are plenty of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pecans)- scrummy.

The Oatbran crisp is just divine. I would say this is a real treat, as it is high in sugar, but a delicious treat. It is stuck in huge chunks/ clusters, and also has hazelnuts and almonds in there. Seriously it is delicious- the kind of cereal that you can just eat by the handful. You have been warned!

All these cereals are in their new “Oatbran pouch” range- they all contain oatbran as that can help lower cholesterol. But really they are just tasty!

Right, on to the answers. The lovely Eleanor nominated me to answer some questions, so here they are:

  • What’s your best feature?

I would say my patience. I think I am quite a patient person, and I think that is a good feature to have.

  • What’s your worst habit?

Slurping my tea- because I like to drink it slowly, and if I wait for the top bit to cool down, then the last bit is too cold, so I tend to slurp at first a bit. But only usually when I am at home, so only subject poor Andy to it!

  • If you could spend a week anywhere on Earth, where would it be?

I think I would choose Hawaii. It is a tough one, as there are places I still want to visit, but it was such a relaxing and interesting and beautiful place.

  • What superpower would you have, if you could have one?

Fly! I would love to be able to fly! I used to dream I could fly, when I was younger, and I still remember waking up feeling disappointed that I could not actually fly.

  • If you had to give up either vegetables or chocolate, which would it be?

My first answer is vegetables. Then I thought about how rubbish I would feel, but I wonder if I could survive with fruit? I have given up chocolate before, for several months, so I know I could do it. Hmm. I think actually chocolate, because I quite like carob, and carob powder. I think I would feel rubbish if I gave up veg for good.

  • Book or television?

Book before bed, and TV in the evening.

  • Winter or summer?

Spring? Is that allowed? Yes, I have decided it is.

  • What would be your dream job?

Baking. Of course you knew that already. Baking in a little cafe somewhere, maybe in the mountains in Canada. But not too near the bears.

  • If you won the lottery, what would you do first?

Book a holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clubbing or out for a meal?

Meal. I hate clubbing. Well, maybe hate is too strong, but I really don’t like it.

  • And, most importantly, caramel or chocolate??

Yes, both, I agree!

So, pick a question and give me your answer! And if you want to answer them all on your blog, feel free! I feel this post is long enough!


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8 thoughts on “Mornflake cereals and 11 answers!”

  1. Yeah I could give up choc but not vegetables. There are too many good vegetables out there!
    I hate clubbing as well. I went at uni but jot just got so samey and tiring. Oh I feel old now! It’s just not how I’d want to spend an evening to be honest. I like to be tucked up in bed with my book nice and early. I freely admit I am a granny.

  2. Hope you’re well enough to go for a run soon. It’s so beautiful when there’s snow outside 🙂
    That said, winter or summer: summer, 100%. I like snow but I’m a summer person.

  3. I’m the same on the chocolate or veg, I thought for ages but eventually realised I couldn’t not eat vegetables! and if you open that Canadian mountain cafe, I’ll come for tea and cake 🙂
    The Mornflake cereals look lovely – and hope you have a great weekend away!

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