Flying visit!

Hey peeps!

I hope everyone has had a good few days. I am pretty much back to normal now- phew! I went to pump last night, and I did feel much more tired than usual, so had slightly lighter weights for some of the tracks. (On a side note, that chest track song is so annoying! And what about the weird bicep one with no singing? Sounds like computer game music or something!).

After work today I went out on a short, chilly run! It was so windy out there- I was not expecting it. Anyway, I was taking it easy as I realised the last time I had a run was last Wednesday.

This evening we are driving down to Bath (well, staying in Frome and getting the train in) to visit the Christmas markets! Thanks to Lucy for posting just in time, we might even visit the fro-yo shop (I honestly think Andy will have some as he loves it so much, but I saw they also so acai bowls so might go for breakfast).

Have a lovely weekend all


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3 thoughts on “Flying visit!”

  1. Is that a new body pump release? Our instructor told us tonight that he’s going to start mixing things up from next week – which is what he does when he’s bored of current release so just chooses random tracks from previous releases. Not sure when we’ll be getting new release though.

    Have a lovely time in Bath 🙂

    1. Yes it is the new one- had it last week too- it is weird, a mix would be better as there is some good stuff in there. Thanks x

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