Win a Luxury Pamper kit!

The lovely folks at the Sainsbury’s food bloggers network have come up with a lovely pre-Christmas giveaway, and I was lucky enough to be one of the host blogs. You could win a lovely pamper kit, to give to someone as a lovely Christmas present.

The kit contains: Nip + Fabs body wash, body lotion, facial wash, hand cream, day cream, eye cream, relaxation mask, hydrating mask and facial scrub and is valued at £40.

Sounds fab, right?

All you have to do it leave a comment on here, saying who you would give the kit to, and why. A team at Sainsbury’s will judge the responses and decide who will win. The winners will be chosen on Monday 17th December, so the winner should get theirs in time for Christmas. Only open to UK people.

Good luck!

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5 thoughts on “Win a Luxury Pamper kit!”

  1. I would give this to my mum. She has just had her last chemotherapy session – and I am very proud of how she has handled the course of treatment. A pamper session is exactly what she needs for a boost!

  2. What a lovely gift! I think I’d give it to my sister in law. She has two small children both aged under 3, she works full time as a midwife and she volunteers locally running the local playgroup and childcare scheme. She is literally superwoman in my eyes, always running about and never seeming to take a second for herself. I’d love to give her this gift with a big note demanding that she pampers HERSELF for a change!

  3. Oooh how exciting!
    I’d give it to my big sis. She’s pregnant at the moment (just gone 23 weeks) and already has an almost three year (Ellie). I think she deserves it as she is such a good mother, and an amazing sister. I admire her greatly because I’m really not that maternal but she kind of inspires me to look forward to being a mum one day. She’s had a pretty rough year as she had two miscarriages 🙁 but she doesn’t really talk about it or want pity from any one but I know it bothers her. She doesn’t treat herself that often so I think if she did win shed be so over the moon. Sorry this was a bit of an essay!!

  4. Thank you, what a lovely giveaway!
    In the risk of sounding selfish, i’d rather save this kit, well, to myself 🙂
    I’m 7th month pregnant, feeling like a giant elephant (i look so big now and my skin is so dry).
    I can’t seem to get a decent sleep at night, no matter how many pillows i have around me… they always end up on the floor 🙂 My hubby’s sleep is also poor, since i keep turning in bed at nights.
    I could really use pampering right now: a nice bath with a good body wash, having my skin moisten with the body lotion:) A nice relaxation time with the face mask (maybe my hubby can join me as well) and lots of other pampering for the face 🙂

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