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First up, thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my Brighton half recap post- I am still grinning when I think about it. If anyone is tempted by a half marathon then I would strongly recommend it. The run was pretty flat, and at least the slope/hill was at the start (and it wasn’t that steep), the scenery was lovely by the sea, the race starts at 9am (I prefer earlier rather than later as you don’t spend the whole day doing the race), and Brighton is a lovely place to visit for the weekend too.

Since then, my legs have been pretty sore. I put on a lot of the Deep Freeze cream, as that really does help, but they were still pretty stiff. I had a day of work (and lunch out) on Monday, and had that as a rest day. On Tuesday I went out for a gentle run before breakfast, and that really did help my legs, as they were much less stiff after.

Yesterday I went to have my hair cut, did some work at home, and then went to the Sweatshop run in the evening. I have no idea how far we ran because when I went to start my Garmin it told me to hold to save the previous run, but I just pressed start, and by the time I realised I was already running, and it was dark, so it added it on to the previous run, but I didn’t start it for around a mile I think. Anyway, I lost the front runners, but could see the middle runners ahead, and had the guy from the shop with a couple of newer people behind me. I thought I knew the route, but when I got back near the shop the guy from the shop (who I thought was behind me) ran towards me from the shop, and then all the other runners appeared from different directions! It was a bit confusing- I think no-one was 100% sure of the route so all the little groups went their own way! Ah well, it was still good. And the guy who ran with us told me how much faster I have been getting too (not the same guy as last time). It is nice to hear that, and now I have the half marathon time it sort of proves that I actually am speeding up. Hopefully that will continue!

Right, on to the giveaway! A while ago I sampled some Alibi, which is a sparkling drink fortified with vitamins and herbal extracts. I quite liked the flavours (pomegranate or lime)- they are pretty refreshing.

Anyway, one reader (UK based) can win a months supply of Alibi drinks, delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is leave a comment saying why you would like to win them. The winner will be chosen at random, next weekend (2nd March). You can get an extra entry by liking my facebook page, and leaving a comment to say you have done that.

Good luck!

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13 thoughts on “Alibi giveaway!”

  1. Mmmmmmm I’ve seen these popping up a bit recently and would love to win them so I can try them out …. I’m thinking they may be good pre and post long run hydration.

  2. My legs were so sore after the half I did last year! I could barely walk for a week after, and running to cross the road was horrific. Still, I’m hoping they will be better this year as I’ve planned loads more races! I’d love to try Alibi as a pick me up through the day, my coffee consumption has doubled recently and so a more healthy solution would be great!

  3. Dang it; why did I give up Facebook. That’s an entry lost for me 🙁

    I could really do with some Alibi – I’ve limited myself to a single coffee a day for Lent, so I’m drinking only water for the rest of the day. It’s quite difficult to not drink more coffee, so I think Alibi will give me a good healthy alternative to keep my mind off the lack of sweet brown nectar 🙂

    I’ll have to take a look at the Garmin; I’ve heard it mentioned a few times recently.

    Jamie @ The Zombie Fitness Blog

  4. I know that post-half feeling too well – deep freeze is a must! I’ve been obsessed with it recently!

    I’ve tried Alibi before, but never seen the pomegranate in store so I’d love to try that. It’s so fresh and I love that you can have the fizzy drink feel with all the health benefits!

  5. I’d love to win this prize – I’m new to the world of blogging (and also to running) and am really making an effort to learn about all the yummy healthy things I’ve been missing out on – Alibi sounds like it would be a great substitute for my usual diet coke addiction!

    Persistence Over Perfection 🙂

  6. I’d love to try the Alibi drinks – they sound quite interesting. I also recently tried the Aspire drinks, but Alibi sound a lot tastier.

    I’ve just become a facebook fan too! Good luck with the giveaway!

  7. I did want to do the Brighton half but I wasn’t in time to get a place. That’s why I chose Reading instead. Glad you’re still I’m a good mood from it 🙂 extended runner’s high!

    I’d love to try the Alibi drinks as I’ve heard quite a bit about how yummy they are and they seem like something I’d enjoy.

  8. Literally only just found your blog today after spotting you on MealsandMiles! It’s nice to see another UK running and healthy blogger! And another teacher, like me too! 🙂 Have only just discovered the world of the blog and I am hooked already…anyway…I would like to win because checking out the Alibi website, Alibi is all about the ‘Pretox’ and I think it would be cool to tell the kids at school that I am Pretoxing before a detox!

  9. I would love to win as a busy Mum. I am on the lookout for a healthy drink that could be part of a healthy diet to loose my baby weight.

    I have liked you on facebook as Helen Dickinson Annette x

  10. If not too late I would love to win this prize as I’m hoping to give up alcohol as part of cleaning up my lifestyle and these would make perfect alternatives at bbqs and summer parties 🙂

    I have liked you on Facebook as Linzi carruthers

  11. Aww, I’m probably too late for the giveaway but I have to try those drinks! I have a total addition to tea, and don’t like normal juice, so I need to find something refreshing to drink when water just won’t do!

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