3 is a magic number

Or it could be called Run by numbers (did anyone else used to love painting by numbers?)

So now I have the Embrace song in my head.

Anyway, I love numbers. I love it when a digital clock is symmetrical (e.g. 21.15), or when the odometer on my car makes a good pattern, so I was very excited when I got back from my run this evening to see basically all 4’s and 3’s. 4.43 miles in 43.34. Not bad. I went around the fields (the same as the Sweatshop run) although it ends up being slightly shorter due to no tiny detour to and from the shop. It was lovely going through the fields again, and I was worried about getting lost, (but decided that worst case I could just turn around and re-trace my steps), but I found the way and just loved it- being away from traffic is super. Plus the 10K I am doing in 2 weeks time is all on country lanes and fields so I think it is good practise.

It was sooo hot out there though- I didn’t go out until about 5pm I think, but the sun was still going strong. Again, all good practise for the race as last time I did the race it was on a very very hot day indeed. Last year it was overcast (and actually pretty cold)-Andy and his brother did the race, but I was just getting back into running again after my op, so I was a spectator instead. So who knows what it will be like- I am ready for anything!

This weekend we went to Dorset, but I have not sorted any photos yet, so you can look forward to those on another day! We had a run together along the seafront in Bournemouth on Saturday morning- we set off and almost immediately there was a steep uphill section, which wore me out right at the start. We ran along the top for just over 2 miles, then came down some steps and back along the seafront. That was super tough as suddenly we were running into a strong headwind, and sand from the beach was blowing right at us (I was feeling smug earlier when I saw a lady running in full length tights- there I was in my capris thinking I would nice and cool- but no, I think I had harsh exfoliation on my legs and sand micro-dermabrasion (is that a word?) on my face from the stinging sand)- I really struggled although I think in the end we averaged 10 minute miles so not too bad.

Earlier in the week I was sent some food from the Boots Shapers range (Shapers for Later)- they are launching evening meals to go alongside their lunch meal deals. This links with numbers as the Shapers meal are all calorie counted- the main meals are under 500 calories, and the side dishes/ desserts are under 100 calories.

Unfortunately the main meal they sent me was a chicken meal (I did ask for vegetarian things, but there was a little mix up somewhere)- Andy had it but it reminded me of an Innocent Veg pot- lots of veggies in there, and you just microwaved it so it was ready quickly. I think it would be a good option for a lunch if I knew I was working late (well the veggie ones). They also sent me some fresh fruit with a passion fruit dip. I did try the dip but the fruit was so sweet I didn’t want to cover up the fresh taste. Finally I was sent some jelly and fruit- (the jelly was veggie)- that was a nice snack- I especially loved the pomegranate in there- I hardly ever have it but it was delicious.

Very summery.

They also have side dishes, although I am not sure if they are going to be priced like the lunchtime Meal Deals (where you get main, side and drink for  £3.50 I think?).

Do you ever get ready meals? Most of the meals I cook (or should I say Andy, as he does most of our cooking at home) are pretty much from scratch, but on occasion I do like the Innocent Veg pots- if I have Parents Evening or something then it is great to just put something in the microwave instead of having to wait for another half an hour for an even later dinner. Or if we are out we might pop to Boots or M&S for a nice sandwich or salad for lunch. And we do sometimes treat ourselves to a nice Waitrose pizza for dinner.

Are you a fan of seeing number patterns?

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12 thoughts on “3 is a magic number”

  1. I love number patterns too, there’s something very pleasing about when something works numerically! Those ready meals look good, I like the lunch options so would be interested to try. We very, very rarely get ready meals but I think that’s mainly because our food is so Sabey and boring – it has to be quick and filling!

    1. We tend to stick to the same meals each week too- but then we know what to cook and what to buy, and we know they don’t take too long etc.

  2. I can relate to the sand/wind microdermabrasion pain! I couldn’t think of how to describe it properly but you hit the nail on the head. My skin hurts just thinking about it.

    I love number patterns…on my Garmin, dates (I was so jazzed for 11/11/11…sad :P) times, race numbers (I still really, really want the number 666 for a race. I wonder if they don’t give out that number, the way hotels don’t have a room 13? I’ve had no.13 before and ran an okay but not spectacular race with it in a 10K yonks ago)…the list goes on! No shame about being fascinated by numbers 🙂

    I used to live on ready meals when I was obsessed with counting calories aged 15-18. I literally wouldn’t eat anything else – we didn’t have food scales so *everything* was a portioned ready-meal, quite often from Shapers or M&S Count on Us! So I can’t really face them now…not that they do many vegan options anyway, I don’t think? Shame they couldn’t send you the veggie meal – that’s a pretty big faux-pas on their part.


    1. Glad it’s not just me with the numbers! I just love the time 11.11- and that comes around twice a day!
      I am not going to complain about the meal not being veggie- they offered to send me things to try, and I did reply and ask for veggie ones, but there were about 20 emails back and forth trying to work out how it would be delivered so it just got lost in there I imagine. It doesn’t seem there are vegan options- I had a nice M&S salad for lunch on Saturday which was couscous, squash, carrot dip and something else, and when I read it the dip had creme fraiche in it- milk sneaks in everywhere.
      And with the sand, I did think of you when you had that marathon- not sure how you did it!

  3. Sunday and yesterday would have been perfect for a beach weekend – but ouch on the sand on Saturday! I know what you mean about number patterns and I always want to tell someone about it 🙂
    I don’t eat ready meals – most aren’t gluten-free even if I did – but I like the look of those veg pots, I think they’re healthy enough not to count as ready meals!

    1. I am sure gluten sneaks in to everything too (or they say it may contain traces etc) which must make eating out in general very tough.

  4. I like number patterns – seems like a lot of people do judging by the comments above! I’m not a fan of ready meals to be honest – not since I saw a documentary about what *really* goes into them! Give me fresh any day!

    1. That’s why I like the innocent ones because they are made of “real” ingredients and not full of nasties, but still I reserve them for emergencies!

  5. I love it when numbers look cool. I always get excited…I’m glad I’m not alone!
    Sounds painful about the run in the harsh wind and abrasions. I hate running in the wind. I’d rather run in rain!
    I love the M&S meals. Especially their meals for two. Expensive but tasty!

  6. I loved the boots meal I had at the weekend but the idea of ready meals for dinner all the time doesn’t appeal to me at all! I think the best quick option is the innocent veg pots but when you can make a healthy meal in under 10 minutes I think ready meals are a bit of a rip off! Saying that M&S stuff is just lush for a treat 🙂

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