30 runs and a fall

Hey peeps,

I hope you are all doing well. Last night was time for the weekly Sweatshop run, I was most excited to be given my “30 runs” t-shirt. When I saw them on the wall I thought they were thick cotton, but it is actually really light polyester, so I think it will be good for running it. (On the little yellow tab at the bottom it says “30”)

We were doing the route across the fields again (I did that on my own on Monday evening too) which I was looking forward to. All was going well until about a mile and a half in. There is a short downhill section, not that steep, but the ground is very rutted where tractors have driven over and then the ground had hardened. Suddenly I was falling.

This has happened to me once before when running (I think 5 years ago- luckily that time I was only half a km from home, although people waiting at the bus stop didn’t even stop to see if I was OK when blood was pouring from my wrists and I ended up having to have them cleaned and bandaged at the hospital because so much grit got in the wounds from the pavements- I still have a scar on one wrist).

Anyway, it is surprising when you are not running that fast that you skid along the ground at an awfully fast speed. I think I mis-stepped and tried to catch my balance (to stop myself twisting my ankle) and fell sort of sideways and forwards. I hit my head on the floor, and immediately sat up and checked my glasses were not broken (weird that they were my first concern). My knee and hands hurt, but it was only when someone else pointed out my shoulder that I saw the worst wound. Ouchy. A couple of girls were right behind me so they stopped for a few minutes (so nice of them) and then the guy from the shop caught up with me and checked me (so embarrassing asking me what was the date/ what did I have for breakfast…). We walked for a little bit, but I felt OK so we jogged the last mile and a bit back to the shop. They were so good about it- honestly I felt like such an idiot. I knew the ground was uneven and thought I was concentrating on it, but I must have misjudged it. They gave me a wipe to clean my shoulder, but it was so sore so I decided to leave it until I got home, someone also noticed that my head was bleeding a little bit- dearie me. Luckily my brother was there so he gave me a lift home as I normally run home but wanted to get home as quick as possible (although another runner offered me a lift too, how kind).

I managed to clean it in the shower, although today it is still rather weepy, I think it is deeper than I first thought. So no body pump this evening 🙁

Apologies in advance for the gross photo!

It has also made me think about what would happen if I was on my own or further from home. I have my ID on my shoe, but I don’t routinely carry a phone, especially in the summer as I have no pockets. I think I need to get a pouch that it will fit in to make sure I take it with me.

Look at the bruise/ cuts on my head. It has been sore today and I think there is a little lump too. I took some painkillers when I got home and that has helped.  I am still not sure how I managed to scrape there and not get my glasses damaged at all as I kept them on and they didn’t fall off.

Anyway, by the end of the day my arm was so sore as I think I have been holding it in a very tense way as every movement is sore, so when I got home I took time out from work to sit with it resting on a cushion.


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19 thoughts on “30 runs and a fall”

  1. On wow that looks very painful!! Sounds pretty nasty 🙁
    Off-road runs are can be treacherous. It can make a run quite fun but not when you fall over. Glad you’re alright, albeit bruised and wounded!
    But congrats on your running t-shirt 🙂

    1. Thanks! My brother said to me after “I was just thinking before you fell that I would rather fall over here than be hit by a bus on the roads” so there are pros and cons!

  2. Oh no! Glad you’re okay but that is a nasty shoulder gash 🙁

    Don’t feel like an idiot – I doubt there’s a runner out there who hasn’t fallen multiple times in their running life. I had a spell last summer of collapsing, but luckily I never had any cuts as serious as yours. My problem was low blood pressure and dehydration issues, but I’ve tripped over my own feet/pavement edges a fair few times too!

    That’s a very swish shirt incidentally, and very well-deserved too 🙂


    1. Dehydration sounds a lot worse and more dangerous.
      Yes I really like the t-shirt, even more so because it is for running in (I thought it was just a cotton one so was going to use it for working at the allotment!).

    1. I know, that feeling of suddenly sliding face first along the ground- it is so surprising how fast it seems!

  3. Owie!!! You never think of running as a dangerous sport really do you?! That shoulder wound looks painful! Glad you were out with people that stopped for you. **Touch wood** I don’t think I’ve fallen yet but one of the ladies in my group fell last year and hit her head then within minutes couldn’t remember doing so or much of her day. It was pretty scary at the time until her memory returned.
    I have a small race belt which I have started carrying my phone in this winter whilst I was off on my longer training runs and it’s really comfy. I wear it right down low on my hips and hardly ever remember it’s there.

    1. I think I need to get something like that- I have a tiny arm band thing but it only fits my car key in it, my phone wouldn’t fit, and the arm things annoy me.

  4. Oh goodness me such painful thing to happen; So fortunate that you were out with the group and they all checked up on you and made sure you are ok. The bruised ego goes away eventually 😉

    I’d recommend the Spibelt by the way, holds my phone a keys easily and does not move or bounce (I wear it on the hips).

    What did the kids say in class about your bruised forehead?

    1. Poor you. I have seen people fall during races before – never good. I am pretty sure I will have a scar there as it is massive, ah well.

  5. You poor thing, that looks so sore! Sending lots of healing vibes your way! I’ve fallen over once a few years back, and the skidding is the absolute worst, I was 3 miles from home and had to run back absolutely caked in blood, I was so sore for a few weeks after!

  6. Ouch – very glad you weren’t more seriously hurt, although it sounds nasty and I hope you heal soon. It’s so frightening falling as an adult!

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