Getting 10K ready

Hey peeps!

Happy Saturday!

Look what came in the post yesterday:

Eeek! Only a few weeks until the half marathon! Although I have realised I have an extra weekend- for some reason I thought all I had was next weekend, but I have the weekend after that too. So, 10K race tomorrow, 8 miles next weekend and 9 or 10 miles the weekend after. It’s all going to be fine folks!

On Friday after work I went on a run. I could not decide what route to do, but when I got up near the fields I decided to go on that loop as it is about 4.5 miles which is what I fancied.

I took my phone with me in that new belt (which by the way I got on really well with- it is basically like an elasticated belt, so I didn’t adjust it. I wore it more around my hips with the little compartment on my lower back, and I basically forgot I was wearing it) so I could take some photos. A grey day, but still the fields are so relaxing.

Pretty bluebells along the way.

That is where I fell over the other week. It does not look that bad but it is downhill and the ground is very solid and rutted. I walked that bit just to be on the safe side!

After that we had some dinner and chilled out in front of a film (In Bruges, which I found very funny, except for the gory bits)- I painted my nails which takes a while. I have found that if I use the base coat it stops my fingers from getting stained, then on top of the polish I use that top coat which not only means they dry quickly, but also means that the polish lasts for about a week before chips start appearing. (Also I got my next free drink voucher from Starbucks through, how exciting).

This morning I was up early as my brother and I were helping out at Parkrun. I was originally going to be scanning the barcodes at the end,but my brother got that job, then I was going to be handing out the chips as the person hadn’t turned up, but then they did, so I ended up collecting in the chips and writing down the barcode numbers of any ones that would not scan.

I really enjoyed it- seeing the people at the front charge back to the finish line after about 16/17 minutes was amazing. There was a man who had turned 65 and finished in about 20 minutes- so amazing. All the people watching clapped and cheered the runners over the line; there were kids running who were urged to sprint finish, there were first timers who had managed to run much faster than usual, and there was a teenage volunteer who ran as a back marker. One of the volunteers (who had a pb of 21 mins or something) had made her child come and help out even though he usually runs, because she felt that the community aspect of it was important for him to learn. The time whizzed by- suddenly we were collecting the chips from the last runners- it felt like ten minutes but it was forty minutes after the run had started. One of the marshals was chatting and it turned out that he wasn’t even a runner- he had just signed up to help. I just think that is wonderful that people will give up their time each week (the runners helping out is one thing as they ask you to help out three times a year, but the people who don’t even run it are the ones who really make the event a proper community one).

When I got home I needed to warm up a bit so had a big cup of black tea with mint (not that minty though).

I has to wait for Andy to get back from his run (he did 8 miles as he is not doing the 10k tomorrow) and then made us some breakfast.

I used my new blender for the first time! It has been a bit chilly, but I wanted to use it, and Andy wanted something refreshing after his run. I blended a couple of cups of frozen cherries, a few chunks of frozen mango with some almond milk, a little cocoa powder and vanilla extract. We had that in a bowl with chopped banana, papaya and strawberries, and added some muesli in too.

Super tasty.

I have quite a chilled out day planned- a bit of housework, maybe planting some fruit bushes later, maybe a bit of baking.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get that sub 60 min 10K. The route has changed from previous years, so who knows if that is realistic, but I think I am capable of it- I’m going to look at the pacer bands on the lucozade website (I need to do 9.29 miles which I think I should be able to do)- I might look at the km splits too as I am not sure whether they have mile or km signs or both.

What are you up to this Saturday?

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9 thoughts on “Getting 10K ready”

  1. Sounds like you’re all sorted for your half 🙂 I love it when there’s more time than you expect preceding a race – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve done my longest run in a state of panic only to realise I’ve done it early by accident!

    Best of luck with the 10K – you’ve got that sub-60, I know it 🙂


    1. Thanks Jess! I hope so, but then I keep reminding myself it is just for fun. But I am going to go for it tomorrow.
      No idea what I was thinking with the weekends- very glad I have one more than I thought!

  2. I love In Bruges, I found it so funny and so clever. But yeah the grey bits put me off a bit.
    Good luck with the 10k tomorrow. Ben and me are doing one too but a small one in a local country park. Oooh how exciting about the half! I’m itching to do another but it’s all the way in November.
    Glad to hear the belt worked well for you. I’m going to give mine another go. I’m probably doing something wrong like an idiot haha.

    1. Yes- this colour is a sort of hot pink (I love it!) but the colour that stains the most is a sort of turquoise colour- that was what prompted me to get a base coat.

  3. I’ve not volunteered at Parkrun yet but am planning to over the Summer when I will have a bit more free time. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love the whole race day atmosphere at all of the races I’ve ever been at – spectator or runner. I’ve helped out at a couple of races our club has organised, but I could go on forever about how much I love the Parkrun concept and I’m looking forward to being able to give something back to my local one.

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