Lemon drizzle cake with lavender

Yes, I have been using more of that lovely lavender infused sugar. Although I made this a couple of weeks ago now, I am just getting around to posting it!

So tasty!

I used the lemon drizzle recipe from The British Bake Off book which is very similar to this Mary Berry one (but they are all pretty similar I find). I missed out about 50g of the sugar and added in the lavender sugar, and baked as usual.

I tried to colour the lemon drizzle, but that did not really work so well! The reason why I love these cakes so much is that you make this lovely soaking syrup (water + lemon juice) and pour it over the warm cake. This adds to the lemon flavour, but also makes the cake so moist.

I was sent these cute little daisies from Dr Oetker, so I used a few to decorate. They are basically rice paper, so they are edible.

Perfect for afternoon tea. Although the lavender flavour is not very strong. Every now and then you would get a bite which tasted a bit of lavender, but really this tasted like lemon cake. I am going to try some biscuits next and hope that it comes through more. Fingers crossed. I am worried that it will go all soapy if I add too much, but so far I don’t think I have added enough.  I am having fun experimenting with it though.

This morning I had another gentle run- I feel so much better if I have been outside and had some fresh air, so I went on an out and back route (onto the fields for a bit)- out for about 1.85 miles, then turned around and straight back again. I could have stayed for much longer but I am conscious that I want to do a long run tomorrow and don’t want to be too tired.

My i-herb order arrived the other day- I used the last of my peanut flour the other week, and when I went on to look I saw they still had gingerbread tea in stock! How exciting! I then noticed that until the end of May they are doing an extra 5% off (I think you can get 10% off if your order is over $40, but seeing as the limit for importing to the UK is £15 I have not risked a more expensive order), so I have ended up ordering a few more things.

I watched the second episode of Eddie Izzard’s Mandela Marathon challenge this morning (if you follow my facebook page you might have seen I watched the first episode the other day)- I found it so interesting as I didn’t know much about the history of South Africa at all. Then I was off to The Waffle House to meet up with some friends- the weather was gorgeous so we had a little walk around the park after. Here’s hoping that we have plenty more days like this to come.

Any plans for the weekend? Anyone else enjoyed watching Eddie Izzard?

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8 thoughts on “Lemon drizzle cake with lavender”

  1. Possibly because the lavender flavour is delicate you need to let it be the main feature in what you make.
    I still need to try find the second episode of Izzards marathon adventure.

    1. Yes you are probably right about the lavender. It was on sky either last night or the night before and am sure it will be repeated

  2. My recorder didn’t tape the Eddie Izzard show, annoying, will have to try and watch it somehow. I love lara bars, they are awesome! I’m working tomorrow and then totally resting on Sunday in prep for race day on bank holiday monday here! Have a great weekend!

  3. Lovely! I thought of your lavender baking adventures when I was in a Lavender-themed garden centre the other week and the cafe served all these lavender flavoured cakes and scones. I didn’t try any as i didnt feel amazing but I definitely hope to go back and try a scone at some point.

    1. I saw that on your blog the other day- sounds lovely. I think I need to be brave and add a bit more of the sugar though as the flavour has been too subtle so far.

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