Recycling my clothes

Hey everyone

I hope you are all doing well. my legs have been quite sore today (after that run  yesterday) but in strange places. My hips have felt tight whereas usually it’s my hamstrings. Who knows why. But I did get to go to the waffle house after work as it is my students last week (and she is a fan too)- I had a lovely waffle with pecans and butterscotch sauce- delicious (and will surely help with recovery).

I have been loving this snack this past week! I was inspired by Claire to try some cocoa/cacao nibs (are they the same thing?)- this was vanilla soya yoghurt, cocoa nibs and some trail mix. So tasty! I thought the cocoa nibs would be bitter, but they add a lovely crunch and a sort of cocoa flavour too.   Now I am sad because I used the last of the yoghurt yesterday and have nothing else to add sprinkles too.

Well anyway, I mentioned before that one of my jobs for the weekend was to sort out the clothes that I don’t wear any more. I normally leave them out in one of those charity bags, but I have not been sent one of them recently. And someone mentioned (Lara possibly?) that she used a clothes recycling company, where they pay you for each item, or a certain amount per kilogram.

So that was me on Sunday evening- pairing up old boots and shoes, and folding up all my old jumpers and things. The link above pays per item, so if you had designer things it would be worth entering each one. I went for a pay per kg website in the end, as I don’t buy expensive clothes to begin with really.

I am not quite finished. I need to go through my jeans- I have so many pairs and really only wear a few on rotation. Last year after I came out of hospital I had to buy a bigger pair (partly because I had put on a little weight after being pretty sedentary for months, and also because my scars were right around my waist) but they are a little too big now and not very flattering either. I have some others that don’t fit that well but I like to keep a spare pair for gardening in, plus some are better with boots and some are better with trainers. That will be a mammoth trying on session I think.

I have some jumpers in a box in the wardrobe- I put them in there to see if I will ever need to wear them. Then, if I don’t then after a few months I know they can be recycled.

So now instead of a pile of clothes in the corner of the living room, we have a big filled with clothes, waiting for me to finish sorting them out so it can be collected. Ah well, I did get closer to the end of the job now! I love that feeling when I have had a big sort out, so that is my incentive at the moment.

Do you love a good sort out? Cocoa/ cacao nibs? Is there a difference? 


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11 thoughts on “Recycling my clothes”

  1. I’m really getting into cocoa nibs too, I find them too bitter by themselves, but added to something they just add some crunch. I have a local clothes recycling place that I use, had a huge clear out a few months ago, and now I just have a bin bag on the go for when clothes get to big!

  2. I’m actually quite good at getting rid of clothes. Usually just put them in bags and put them in the clothes bank. I didn’t realise people would pay for them, nice! But I still feel giving to charity is probably best as I really don’t do enough for charity.
    The trail mix and yogurt snack sounds intriguing…my problem with trail mixes are that I just can’t stop. They’re so moreish!

    1. They don’t pay much, but it all helps I suppose. I do usually leave them out in the charity sacks but we have not been sent one for ages so thought I would try this instead.
      The trail mix was in little bags so I have been having half each time- I think if I had a big bag I would just carry on!

  3. So glad you like the cacao nibs – I like to think of them as healthy sprinkles!
    Your waffles sound gorgeous, pecan plus butterscotch is an amazing combo always!
    I’ve never thought about recycling my clothes but it is such a good idea. I charity shop and recycle most other things and have so many clothes lying around!

  4. We literally get two/three clothes bags posted through our door each day! I’m in desperate need to get organised over the holidays and package up some of our clothes. Dan pointed out the other week in some old college photos that I actually still owned both the trousers I was wearing and the hoodie! Oops!
    I never have extra jeans though. I always end up going through the knees…like a 10 year old boy!

    1. We go through times when we get a lot through the door, but none recently so I thought I would try this instead. Nothing wrong with keeping clothes for years though- good value for money.

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