Afternoon tea blogger carnival

Sounds like my perfect afternoon out, right? If only it was a real event! In fact, Whittard are holding a virtual blogger event, where you can submit a post about afternoon tea (all the info is here) in the hope of winning some tea.

I love tea. I also love baking. I also love going to a tearoom for a tea and cake. I think it is just so civilised and relaxing. I sometimes get tempted by the full on tea (e.g. with the sandwiches) but my favourite part is the scone/cake, and of course the tea, so I usually just have that.

With that in mind, I am going to skip the sandwich part and go right to the scone and cake because these are the most important elements of afternoon tea!

You can have either part 1+2, part 1+3, or, if you are very hungry, 1+2+3. Just follow the steps for a lovely relaxing afternoon.

Part 1=Tea

First up, you need a teapot. Or at least a tea infuser, because honestly the best tea is loose leaf tea. Go for whatever tea you like. I love Earl Grey as I think it is delicate but also the tea counteracts some of the sweetness in the cake/scone. But peppermint is good too, especially if you fancy something caffeine free.

Warm the teapot with a little water, add the leaves to the infuser, and then fill it up and leave to brew. Of course, choose your nicest (biggest?) cups for the occasion.

Part 2 = Scones

Don’t worry, they were not all for me!

I think the violet icing on these lavender and lemon scones just makes it look so feminine – perfect for afternoon tea. They can just go on a plate, but what is the point of a cake stand if you never use it?

Part 3 = Cake

This is lemon drizzle cake, which again goes perfectly with the Earl Grey tea. Optional flower decorations (edible) but they make it even prettier.

Again, it was tea for two!

What tea/ cake combination would you choose for afternoon tea?

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4 thoughts on “Afternoon tea blogger carnival”

  1. Tea and cake. You literally can’t beat it. Quintessentially British! Tea from the teapot is so superior to tea bags in a mug. My perfect setup would Earl Grey tea with a bit of milk, a big slab of Victoria sponge and maybe a cheeky scone for the second cup of tea if I was hungry 😉 But let’s be honest, you don’t have to be hungry to eat cake or scones!

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