Baking Mad post half-marathon

Hey peeps. I hope you are all doing OK? My legs have not quite recovered from Sunday yet- I felt OK when I finished but I have felt shattered these past couple of days. So no running today, but hopefully I will be OK for the Sweatshop run tomorrow- that is my plan anyway.

I was kindly sent some baking goodies from Baking Mad. I often use their website if I want to make something as it is packed with different recipes (check out the summer baking ideas and the cupcake recipe section). I wanted to make something to have after the half marathon so I had a browse.

I love their website as it is packed with recipes. I fancied a fruity cake, and came across this recipe for Fruit and Spice Tea loaf. It sounded good to me!

First up, soaking the fruit in strong tea (I used 2 Tea India teabags) with the marmalade (which I made ages ago and keep forgetting about). I used mixed dried fruit instead of just sultanas.

Then you added in the rest of the ingredients (flour, sugar, eggs,spices) and baked in a loaf pan. Very simple.

I used wholegrain spelt flour and it worked really well. I also used cinnamon sugar in place of some of the normal sugar, which added to the spicy smell.

I found I needed to bake it for longer than the recipe said, but I am still getting used to our new oven.

It smelled wonderful while it was cooking. I think next time I might add a little drop of almond extract as I think that flavour goes well with the fruit and spices.

It was wonderful. It has the texture of banana bread- quite moist and quite dense. There is no butter in there- it reminded me of Phil’s amazing tea bread recipe– so it is a cross between a cake and a loaf. I think it would be lovely toasted and topped with peanut butter (but then, what wouldn’t?). The top is quite sticky, due to the sugar I imagine. I think also you could easily reduce the amount of sugar as the dried fruit makes it quite sweet. But it was just what I fancied on Sunday after lunch.

 What would your post-race treat be?

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8 thoughts on “Baking Mad post half-marathon”

  1. Mmm homemade cake! My post run treat is some kind of milkshake, I made one yesterday with almond milk, ice, chai tea powder and protein powder, so good!

  2. I’ve not seen the Baking Mad website before so have bookmarked it for a proper browse later this week. I love finding new things to bake!
    I always crave a chocolate milkshake post-race. I never have them normally but allow myself one every so often after particularly tough race. 🙂

  3. Mm your baked goods always look SO good! Especially like the idea of tea bread, yums 🙂 I tend to agree with reducing the amount of sugar when adding things like fruit – I do it when I add prunes to a chocolate cake (sounds kinda gross but is actually all kinds of yummy!). As for post-race treats – I think cake is a great one – in fact there’s a women’s 10k in Sept which congratulates finishes with a big slab of cake and a cuppa – ideal! Oh & also thanks for the tips re: half mara training plans- will definitely check out runners world, ta!

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