Melting, and a winner!

Hey peeps, how are we all holding up?

I do love the sunshine, but being at work when it is this hot is tough (my room was 30C each afternoon this week)- today was the first day I wished I had air conditioning in my car.

I have not been running at all, as my cough has not cleared up yet. But I have been going on a walk most evenings, to enjoy the sun. I am taking resting seriously as I really want to do the Olympic park run on Sunday- I just saw that Paula Radcliffe is going to be running it- so exciting! Although she will have finished before my wave even start I imagine!

On Sunday morning we had another acai bowl- this was frozen banana, cherries, blueberries, acai powder and soya milk all whizzed up. Served with allotment strawberries and granola. So refreshing.

Dinners need to be cold too- (well apart from the veggie burger)-I mixed some balsamic tomatoes in with some avocado, lime juice and sea salt and mashed it all up.

Last night I popped to the shops to pick up a few bits including some Danio yoghurts- I was kindly sent a voucher for them so I could try them for my blog. It was only when I got home I realised I had forgotten to use the voucher! Luckily my first taste of them was good so I will be happy to use it next time!

I had one this morning (a strawberry one) with some watermelon. It is all about the cold things at the moment!

Right, on to the winner! I used a random number generator from the internet, which came up with number 2 – Mary, who said if she had 10,000 hours she would learn to swim properly. If you email me ( with your address I will pass it to the fuel people to post out your prize!

How do you cope at work in this heat?

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12 thoughts on “Melting, and a winner!”

  1. Omg I saw Paula Radcliffe was running and I literally did a little dance around the office. How cool is that!! So excited :)) I really hope you’re cough clears up, it’ll be such an experience! I hope it’s not too hot though :-S

  2. My work has air conditioning and it’s been the best thing ever the last 2 weeks, I get there and it’s like a relief- so amazingly cool!! I’m struggling with having the oven on at home, it’s making it too hot, so cold foods are the way forward right now! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Yay! That’s me! I am the winner! 🙂 Will drop you an email now…

    I’m struggling to cope at work in this heat. It’s definitely all about the cold foodstuffs at the moment. My classroom seems to be the only room without air conditioning and with 25 computers left on all day and 24 sweaty kids rotating every 50 minutes it’s been getting pretty hot pretty quickly! Only five teaching days to go now though!

    1. Oh an ICT room must get so hot! We don’t have a/c anywhere on site so it is just unbearable at times- everywhere yesterday was 29/ 30C- totally on the countdown!

  4. Wow, Paula Radcliffe – how exciting 😀

    This heat is killing me – I’m always hot even at the best of times, so these days I’m overheating even when I’m just sitting at home studying. I’m tending to dread every run as well, which isn’t like me. I’m just worried I’ll start passing out again like I did last summer when it wasn’t anywhere near as hot 🙁


    1. Oh no that is not good. I like all the advice they keep giving on the radio to keep cool. we even got our old fan out of the garage and have been putting that on a bit at the moment as the air is so still too.

  5. I’m lucky enough to work from home and its pretty cool in my flat so I have lots of sympathy for you, I do a class outside but its early morning when its just the right temperature to workout so yes I am super lucky!

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