Back running!


I was getting very itchy feet and very grumpy as I had not run since last Wednesday. I didn’t want to make my cough worse, and at times it did sound a bit chesty. So better to be safe, especially as there is no way I want to make myself worse and miss the Olympic run on Sunday.

But, last night I did not cough at all! (Whereas the nights before I have been waking up and having coughing fits). Today I have hardly coughed at all, so when I got home I went on a short run. I did just under 3 miles and I took it slowly, but it was baking hot. Anyway, it was fine, so I now know I can do the 5 miles on Sunday. Phew.

When I got back I had some of those kettle corn popchips (picked them up in Sainsbury’s this week)- they are delicious! I am not always a fan of sweet and salty things, as I often find them too salty, but these were perfect.

We have been walking to the allotment most evenings- I collected a big pile of raspberries and had them for breakfast the next morning (oh, and three blueberries!).

I have been enjoying the Danio yoghurts for breakfast- a strawberry one with some watermelon- lovely.

And a peach one with some melon and blueberries. Although I noticed that some of them have cream as an ingredient, and some don’t, and then on closer inspection some are 0% and some are not. Although they all taste very creamy to me.

These are all the blackcurrants I picked this week! Last night I picked a load from our garden, and then the little ones are from the allotment from the night before. I really fancy making some jam with them as I love blackcurrant jam.

It was the last day of term today (well, for the kids- we have training next week) and one of the teachers gave me this bouquet of rhubarb! Fab! I am not sure if you can really get the idea of how enormous it is- I had to take my parcel shelf out of my boot to get it in there! Think it will make a mountain of compote- or maybe I should make some more jam?

My class also gave me some beautiful flowers- so thoughtful of them.

I now have a glorious rest day ahead of me tomorrow- I am going to do some baking for work next week, do some weeding in the garden, and hopefully visit my Mum (who finally had her op this week after a lot of waiting and the consultant changing his mind etc) in hospital- another reason why I need this cough to go. Then, on Sunday we are going to the Olympic park! I am super excited! Andy is mainly excited for fro-yo afterwards in Pinkberry!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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6 thoughts on “Back running!”

  1. Rhubarb is lovely. I think rhubarb crumble is my favourite all time crumble. And look at all your produce from the allotment! I’m so impressed. I seriously can grow nothing.
    I’m so excited about Sunday! Hopefully be a lovely day and not too hot, but we’ll see! Would be great to say hi to you if we’re able to meet up?

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