So excited!!!

I am so excited about tomorrow! We have to have an early start to get there with plenty of time, but I am sure I will be awake early anyway. Although I can’t decide about the t-shirt. They sent out a technical t-shirt along with the race number, and they would prefer you to wear it, but they were unisex sizes, and the size small is basically the same as Andy’s medium one. Today has been overcast and much cooler, but if it is warm I generally wear a vest anyway. Decisions decisions.

This morning I started off having a lovely acai bowl (frozen banana, blueberries and cherries, soya milk, acai powder and peanut butter)- served with allotment raspberries, blueberries and a peach, plus muesli. Phew!

So good. Although as it was cooler I had a black mint tea after.

Then I painted my nails (I was given some pretty polish by one of the teachers yesterday) and pottered about before heading up to the hospital to see my Mum. I then did some shopping and got rather thirsty (on the drive back from the hospital I have to go on the motorway and having the windows open was too noisy, so I ended up overheating rather a lot)- treated myself to an iced chai latte for a late lunch!

The Julian Graves in Welwyn has been shut for ages, but when I walked past there was a new shop there (maybe called the Olive Tree?)- it sold the same sorts of things so I picked up some dried figs, dates and almonds. That coconut water was on offer in Waitrose so I bought a couple of bottles too, plus some lovely looking iced tea.

Right, I am off to watch a movie and relax before tomorrow. When we signed up to the Olympic run I was hoping to beat my only ever 5 mile time of 52 minutes (on a cross country course) but now with the heat and not running for the past week I just want to enjoy it and soak up the atmosphere. I have Chariots of Fire going around in my head already…

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