Sunny Saturday

Wow the weather is gorgeous here!

Suncream and sunglasses on, I headed to the park as I was helping out again at Parkrun. As I was there early I was sent to marshal at one of the further points on the course. I got to wear a high viz jacket- so official 🙂

I was all set up at about ten to 9, so had a little time to find a shady spot and take some pictures.

The route is pretty flat, but this little steep bit is super tough on the way back- it is short but my head was lower than the bottom of that bin I think- it is steep!

There were loads of runners heading through the park, and quite a few people stopped to ask me what was happening, and what the run involved- think I may have signed up a few more people! They ran down towards me and my goodness me the front runners are so speedy.

The park was so busy with people walking dogs, cycling etc, but I managed to snap a few pictures while it was quieter.

Photo: Parkrunners in the distance

I could see the runners in the distance as they then all go around the lake 3 times before coming back up past me before the final stretch. I think there were about 200 of them- impressive!

I loved being a marshal- there was only about ten minutes (if that) between the last people going past me down, and the first runners heading back. I was trying to be encouraging, and it was lovely when the runners said thanks (or just nodded/ smiled- not always easy to speak when you are running fast). Once the last few people had gone I walked back to the start, and a lot of runners said thanks to me on their way home, which was just lovely and very unexpected. Hands were sore from clapping by then!

It was such a beautiful day so I went for a walk around the lake.

Ducklings! They are my favourite. There were loads of cygnets and goslings about too, but the ducklings win the cuteness factor for me.

I was totally baking by the time I got back to the car, so I headed to Starbucks for a cool down. I had packed a bottle of water but it was warm after being sat in my car all that time. Then I was off to the school summer fayre where I was helping out.

When I got home it was time for a late lunch- sourdough with almond butter on one piece and lemon curd on the other, plus a peach and some lychees, and a lavender earl grey tea. I used the new Rude Health almond drink – it is very creamy and very sweet tasting- it doesn’t have added sugar, apparently the rice in it adds to the sweetness.

Last night I picked another tub of fruit- this is strawberries, raspberries, loads of blackcurrants (going to make a cheesecake for tomorrow) and a sprinkling of redcurrants. I am going to potter around at home, and head out on a run later on when it is a bit cooler (maybe?).

How has your Saturday been so far? 

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11 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday”

  1. It is so lovely and sunny everywhere today. We’re spending the day in the garden!
    I’m totally one of the nodders at Parkrun. I always try and say thank-you on the longer races, but over a 5k I’m afraid marshalls have to make do with a very red-faced nod! I always thank them properly as I leave though. Some people are out there marshaling every week and definitely deserve thanks!
    I’ve just agreed to marshall a 100mile multi-lap ultra in August and am looking forward to seeing a long event from the other side.

    1. I always try to say thankyou too as I run around but I agree it is tough on those shorter runs!
      Gosh a 100 mile race is immense! I think seeing the race from another perspective will be great though.

    1. I don’t think I had eaten lychees for about 20 years! We used to have them as a treat from the market when I was little.

  2. Never underestimate the significance of an encouraging and friendly marshal! I am always so grateful for them when I am running. I must admit I don’t think I could manage it myself – I’d be too desperate to jump in with the runners!

    I’ve had a nice Saturday – did a killer of a forest trail race in 26 degree temps. Knackered now!


    1. It was too hot for me to be wanting to jump right in! Especially as I wore jeans for some reason so was baking!
      I am not surprised you are tired- that sounds exhausting!

  3. I really enjoyed it when I marshalled at the Parkrun. It was great cheering people on. And lovely when they smiled or said thank you, or even just nodded. We tend to hang around at the end of the Parkruns to keep supporting even when we’ve finished as it really helps if people are cheering you on. It was a hot one today though and we’d left our waters in the car so we were so thirsty by the time we headed back!

    1. I think being a marshal was more fun than running it! I normally cheer people in while I queue to get my chip scanned, but the car park is only free til 9.30 so I normally go pretty soon after that (I had to pay to park to be a marshal)

    1. I am looking forward to trying it later 🙂
      I did take some photos and will post it later on- used quark for the cheese bit which seems to have worked out well.

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