Change of plans

Hey, I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Yesterday, after body pump (where I used lighter weights as I had missed 3 weeks I think) my legs were still sore, so I thought I would try a short run as that often helps. Well, I only did 3 miles but whereas usually they loosen during the run, they didn’t at all, so when I got home I got out my yoga mat and did about 15/20 minutes of some of the “Yoga for Runners”. After my shower this was followed with Deep Freeze and some foam rolling.

I had made some breakfast the night before- muesli, chia seeds, almond milk, frozen cherries, almonds, and then I added a little vanilla almond butter. Plus some coconut water (I had some after pump so needed to finish the carton).

Originally Andy and I were going to head up to Norwich for the weekend (he has a ticket to the football) so I was going to head to Parkrun to get my weekend run in before we drove up. But we could not get a hotel, so we decided to go up for the day instead. It has worked out well because I have missed Parkrun (good to give my legs a rest I think) and can do a longer run on Sunday morning. I need to do 6 miles and was going to do that after work on Monday, but it is better to do it at the weekend.

I decided to use my new tea infuser! With peppermint tea.

It drained through before I could take the photo!

Right, off to Norwich- have a lovely weekend 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Change of plans”

  1. ooooh that infuser looks lovely, I’m going to ask where you got it and hope you don’t say while you were on holiday 😉
    Leg rest will be good, put on your compression socks tonight maybe??

    1. I did get it on holiday but I have seen them on amazon- it was just a bit cheaper than any I had seen over here.
      Good plan with the compression socks- I must get them out so I remember.

  2. Mmm, that looks like one seriously delicious bowl of muesli 🙂

    I hope your legs loosen up soon – foam rolling usually works well for me, and if I’m really tight then I’ll put some money aside for a sports massage. I must be the only person immune to the benefits of compression socks – I’ve tried two different brands and they just seem to make everything feel even worse!

    Have a fab time in Norwich! My Dad comes from Kings Lynn and still supports Norwich FC through thick and thin, bless him 😉


      1. Ah so he would have been happy with the football today- of course as a Saints fan Andy was not!
        I love compression socks for post run aches- I have Nike ones I think (they are white and orange). Not sure if I could bear to have a sports massage though- so painful!

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