Final long run

So after last weekends Parkrun and long run (10.3 miles) I was pretty tired. It took me 1.49 which I was pretty pleased with- ideally I would run faster in the race than I have done in training. I kept Monday as a rest day, and had an epsom salts bath to help.

On Tuesday I went on a short 4 miler (no blackberry picking this time as I got home quite late and it was getting dark by the end of my run), and I felt fairly slow (although it was a faster pace than my long run), so this was more like a recovery run.

It must have helped because for the Sweatshop run on Wednesday I has to race up there as I got home 5 minutes after I usually leave. It was a slightly longer route than usual but I managed to keep a 9.13 average pace which isn’t bad seeing as I run up there and run home too.

I went to Pump on Thursday (the instructor has been away for the last 2 weeks) and I knew it would be tough. I was aching like mad on Friday so opted for a gentle 2 mile walk before dinner instead of a run.

Yesterday when I woke up I had a gingerbread nakd bar, pottered about for a bit and then headed out. I was expecting showers and cooler weather, but it was muggy and humid and the sun kept coming out which made it really tough. I was slower than last week but that was due to a combination of being stiff from pump, and the humid air getting to me.

Pancakes for brunch are my favourite and I am still going through my first box of the Orgran buckwheat ones. I had them with a huge apple (from my apple tree!) cooked in a little coconut oil, coconut sugar and cinnamon, a little cinnamon and raisin pb, and a little vanilla maple syrup. I was so thirsty. As soon as I got home I had some water, then some coconut water, and then after my shower with my pancakes I had a nuun tab in some water, plus a vanilla chai tea. My headband (which I just use to keep the hair out of my eyes) could have been wrung out.

I had a delivery of some soya milks to try out for the blog- I used the regular one in my tea and it passed the first test (no curdling).

After some work, some housework and more pottering I headed out to the shops.

I ended up buying a lot of tea related things. I was looking for the char-brew tea I had seen on Laura’s blog (I have bought the tropical rooibos tea from Sainsbury’s before) but I could not find it. While I was perusing the shelves I found an earl grey latte, some concentrated peach juice to add to hot water (I am going to add it to normal black tea to see how that goes), gingerbread syrup (my fave- I had some from Whittards last year and it is so good- just for putting on pancakes or cooking fruit in), cinnamon tea to take to work, and peppermint tea as I was running low.

Then I made a chocolate cake as it is Andy’s mums birthday today.

This was my attempt at making lilies to top the cake with.

Not too bad for a first attempt, especially as I didn’t have the proper cones to put the lilies on to dry.

A friend has asked for some lilies to top a wedding anniversary cake, so I have ordered some proper cutters (and also flower sugar paste, which I then found in Sainsbury’s but I had already ordered it by then) so will have another practise with the real things later on.

My legs are not feeling too bad today- this week I am going to take my runs a bit easier, and probably have my last run on Friday so I am rested for Sunday.

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19 thoughts on “Final long run”

  1. Great job on the workouts. Bet you are all set for your half now 🙂 I can’t wait to get my hands on the new pukka teas! I’m really struggling with the humidity at the moment, just headed out for my last long one, hope it’s not too bad today!

    1. Thanks! Yes the humidity is tough- need it to be a bit cooler next weekend.
      The cinnamon tea smells lovely but I was really after the vanilla chai one- I hope they still do it.

    1. I have bought it from that branch of Sainsbury’s before so maybe they have stopped selling it? Who knows- I shall keep an eye out anyway as it sounds fab. I will let you know about the teas and fruit thing.

  2. Oh wow that cake is amazing! It looks beautiful. Very impressive!
    Ohh I’ve never heard of earl grey latte. Sounds intriguing!
    I’ve been running in Mexico and honestly I’ve never had such tough runs in terms of what feels like serious effort but doesn’t translate to speedy times! I’m running at least one minute slower. It’s just so humid here! Looking forward to winter running now!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I think the flowers are a bit too big but it smells good so hopefully will taste good too.
      I am sure all your running in Mexico will mean you are even faster when you come back here – a bit like training at altitude.

  3. Wow your cake looks so yummy! Which race are you doing next week? I’m doing Royal Parks. Really nervous about it, but think I’ve over tapered and indulged this week. Erugh!!! Made the mistake of heading to choccywoccydoodah on Saturday – ooops! xx

    1. It’s Blenheim palace half- I love the look of the royal parks but never got a place in the ballot- the medals look amazing made of wood.

  4. Earl Grey latte, intriguing! I need to hit up another parkrun soon but Saturday work keeps occurring! Darn it. Good work on the cake baking 🙂 And also on your long run 🙂

    1. I had one on holiday and it was amazing- we found a place that did all sorts of lattes with tea.
      I am working up to a 50 t-shirt but at this rate it is going to take me 5 years!

    1. I have been on a couple of sugarcraft courses and I find them so relaxing- like an art lesson or something 🙂

    1. I have the Whittards stuff but they don’t seem to sell it in many of their shops so I was very excited to see it in Sainsbury’s!

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