Midweek nights out

Last week we headed for a meal out at the new Giraffe in Watford. Through the Buzz Agent website I was sent a 30% off coupon.

First up, you all know how much I love tea, so I was excited to try their new iced tea concoction. They used to do one with Teapigs superfruits tea, but this one was “Sunshine Coast Iced tea”- chamomile & green tea with mango, lime and fresh mint. Fab! Andy tried the Coco Nutty Iced coffee, which was iced coffee with chocolate and coconut (in case you could not work that out).

We shared the bruschetta to start with, although it ended up being very cheese laden and more like an American pizza- I wouldn’t choose it again. I liked the different vegetable toppings but it was too cheesy and garlicy for me.

My main was a roasted veggie and black bean burrito, with a lime dressing on the salad. It was good, but again really cheesy- there was cheese inside and on the top.

Andy was going to have a burger, but apparently it was “burger Tuesday” which meant they were cheap anyway, and so we could not use the voucher (not even on the rest of the food- I see why we couldn’t use it on the burger)- poor Andy went for ribs instead!

On Wednesday after running club we went to the cinema, and then on Thursday we went out after I got my hair cut. I am not sure how I managed to do all of that (although it did mean catching up on some work at 10.30pm when we got back from the cinema- not ideal). This week I have barely managed to get to running club (got home at 5.55pm and usually I leave at ten to 6!) – I rushed up there and only just made it on time (and if I was late there would be no way I could catch them up), and tonight I made it to pump with seconds to spare!

I do love going out on a school night- it makes the week seem quicker, and it is nice to get out and break the normal routine. Although by Friday I was shattered!

Are you a fan of week-night nights out?

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9 thoughts on “Midweek nights out”

  1. I love busy weeks but I need a quiet week the next to catch up with myself 😉
    I had a day & night out this Tuesday up in London …. I’m still out of whack but I wouldn’t have changed the day for anything 🙂

  2. I love keeping busy on weeknights but it isn’t easy because I often don’t finish until late. James and I went for a walk last night, which felt like a real treat – oh the exciting life I lead ;-). The new menu sounds great but rubbish about the cheese and lack of a voucher. I think they should ask how much cheese you’d like on things – like how well done you like steak! Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to quantity.

    1. I agree with the cheese- sort of a cheese rating or something- I prefer only a tiny amount.
      Ha ha I feel like that too, usually after I get back from a run we just have dinner and watch TV !

  3. I love Giraffe. The last time I went I got a delicious feta salad with a side of a sweet potatoes (as you do! Hehe). Disappointing about he bruschetta – it does just look like pizza!
    We never do anything midweek mainly because we’re just tired and prefer to do stuff a the weekend. I like to go to running club or flop on the sofa and read some blogs, the news or my book while Ben watches TV. It’s heaven to us 🙂

    1. I love their sweet potato fries!
      Those are my types of evenings too- usually back from a run, shower and dinner, and then relax with the TV.

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