Delicious Seed and Bean

Now you all know how much I love chocolate. When I went to Wholefoods in the summer (so long ago…), I picked up a few little bars of Seed and Bean chocolate. (I bought the dark chocolate with lavender from Holland & Barrett I think- I love it because it is such an unusual flavour).

Both of these were gorgeous! I love chocolate orange, and the tangerine oil in this just made it extra zingy. The hazelnut and almond praline was a new (to me) flavour which I loved- anything nutty is delicious in my book.

They kindly sent me a couple of bars to review on my blog too.

I have tried the white chocolate with lemon and poppyseed before, and I really like it. I am not usually a massive white chocolate fan, but the other flavours make it more interesting.

I had high hopes for the dark chocolate with raspberry and coconut, and I really liked it, but all I could taste was the raspberry. Now I love raspberry with dark chocolate, but I wish the coconut flavour was more pronounced as I think that is what makes this chocolate so good.

I was just having a look on their website and noticed they made some limited edition Glastonbury chocolate– dark chocolate with hazelnuts, white chocolate with raspberry and vanilla, and (I think this sounds amazing) milk chocolate with sea salt and lime.

Are you a fan of more unusual chocolate flavours? I love that there is such a great range now- when I younger it was chocolate orange, mint, or fruit and nut! I find it hard to choose a favourite now as I like so many, although I can’t get my head around chilli in chocolate! That is a step too far for me!

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16 thoughts on “Delicious Seed and Bean”

  1. Yum, they sound delish! I am a fan of flavoured chocolate especially lime. Like you I am not really a fan of white chocolate but I tasted the Montezuma white chocolate with chilli which I loved…..basically I am a fan of chocolate each and every way!

  2. I am no chocolate connoisseur I’m afraid, I love it but my taste varies wildly. My absolute favourite or ALL favourites would be Conscious chocolate (ANY flavour ;-)!!!) but that is where my chocolate skills end as my next favourite chocolates are double deckers or the Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Shells ….. see no connoisseur here 😉

    1. Conscious chocolate is amazing 🙂 I think the popping candy would annoy me but if there are Roses in the staffroom I get tempted.

  3. Ah, I’m afraid I’m rather boring and only like dark chocolate – the darker, the better. I do like raw chocolate though, and I think the dark varieties of those are always gorgeous.

    Ironically, the only flavoured chocolate I tried that I thought was really worth eating was chilli chocolate! I used to go absolutely nuts for the (now discontinued) Cocoa Mole Larabars, so I suppose that makes sense. Sadly even small amounts of chilli are probably a no-go for me now – I don’t want to push my luck by trying it out.


    1. Some people really love the chilli chocolate- each to their own. One of my chilli recipes says to add some cocoa powder, as I think the bitterness is meant to help with the flavour? Something like that- anyway doing it that way around is fine for some reason for me!

  4. I’m normally up for trying anything, and have tried the chilli chocolate, although can’t say I was a big fan! Dan doesn’t like flavoured chocolate at all, and my Aunt and Uncle each year send us batches of different flavoured chocolate at Christmas time, as there is a factory near where they live. It’s been too long now to tell them that Dan doesn’t like it, and anyway, I still benefit! 🙂
    I’ve not seen this brand before, but I’ll look out for it, there are some really random flavours! I’ve just had a look on their website and there’s some stockists not far from me.

  5. I love different chocolate flavours. I love the Lindt collections for all the variety. And I love the Cadbury’s chocolate with all the crazy stuff in it, like popcorn or pretzels.
    The milk chocolate with sea salt and lime sounds really good!

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