Guest post- how to care for running feet

Hi everyone.

I have a guest post for you all today on caring for your feet:

How to Care for Running Feet

Runner’s feet take a beating, if you’re a regular runner you will be quite familiar with the pains and aches that running can put your foot through. Foot pain caused by running can impact your training plans should it not be effectively remedied.

Whether you simply have achy feet after a long run, or you find that you are suffering with continual foot pain or injury, here are some tried and tested ways of combating foot pain and caring for those running feet…

1) The perfect post run treat for feet is massaging the feet with a tennis ball. Roll your foot over the tennis ball, paying particular attention to any areas that hurt the most. The massaging motion of the ball will help to ease stiff muscles as well as any tension in the arch of the foot.

2) Are you an over pronator, regular pronator or under pronator? Any frequent runner generally knows the answer to this, but pronation relates to the inward rolling motion of your foot as you run – caused by the distributed force of impact when your foot hits a surface. Those with flat feet usually overpronate while anyone with high arches is likely to under pronate. It is important to choose running shoes that cater to high arches, regular arches or flat arches, choosing the wrong running shoes can lead to painful running associative conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis or shin splints.

3) Orthotics are also recommended to care for runners’ feet. If you’re not wearing the correct running shoes, pronation can affect heel alignment – causing us foot pain as well as discomfort when we walk or run. Specialists in all things feet, Simply Feet recommend orthotic insoles as well as orthotic footwear to runners. One of the brands that they sell, Vionic, use innovative Foot Motion Technology to provide the foot with cushioning support and stability while Vionic FMT also works to improve heel alignment – allowing you to step or run with confidence!

4) Trimming toenails is a part of any basic beauty routine but it is of particular importance to runners. If your toenails are a little too long they can rub against the inside of your shoe or even cut other toes – causing great discomfort when you’re running. Remember to make sure you cut or file your toenails straight as toenails with rounded edges are susceptible to painful ingrown toenails – any runner’s nightmare! If you’ve just completed a running challenge, why not treat you and your feet to a luxury pedicure.


How do you care for your feet? I must admit it is something I don’t pay as much attention to as I probably should. I do pay attention to trimming my nails properly as I had to have operations on ingrown toenails when I was younger- never again! I have foot cream that I apply sporadically, and I really must get myself some new running trainers! A job for half term I feel.

*This post is courtesy of Simply Feet

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