Halloween baking

Ah, half term is here.

This first half term is always crazily busy, and the final week was just exhausting with two parents evenings on top of “normal” stuff, so I was ready to collapse on Friday evening. I was very pleased to see that the posts I had scheduled appeared through the magic of technology!

I really fancied doing some sort of Halloween baking, but could not decide what- make little pumpkins to top cupcakes? Gingerbread skeletons? Then I saw on The Pink Whisk caramel shortbread spiderwebs.

My decision was made. My project for Friday evening was sorted. The recipe was easy enough to follow (even for a very tired person) and the effect is brilliant I think!

Took the photo without the flash too for ultra spooky webs!

There is one where it is more of a splodge, as a lump of un-melted white chocolate got stuck in the tip of the piping bag. On the website Ruth says to only top a couple at a time as the chocolate needs to be liquid, but I did them all at once and they were fine-the chocolate takes a long time to firm up again after.

Today I have had a relaxing day. I picked up my brother and we headed to Parkrun. Even though I had not run since Tuesday (I managed two short runs on Monday and Tuesday) I didn’t feel on top form so wasn’t going to chase down a pb. The rain held off until I was on the final stretch, but it was quite heavy by the time I had scanned my chip.

Breakfast was pumpkin pancakes which turned out to be a bit of a disaster- but I was hungry so I didn’t care! Later on I got the text from Parkrun saying my time was 59.59. Basically there was a technical glitch so everyone was given the same time- the results are quite funny to see but at least they kept the order of everyone finishing. They have offered to remove the time if people don’t like the way it messes with their average time, but I don’t mind that. It also means I (probably) won’t ever run a personal worst! So I finished 174/253 runners, and 47/89 girls- love those stats!

Normally on a Saturday I have work to catch up on, but the bonus of half term means I can save it to next week, so I have had a proper day off- I watched some of the Bake off, and then popped into town to pick up a few bits and get my glasses adjusted. I have some John Lewis vouchers and really want to buy a nice blanket for the sofa, and had seen a nice one online but wanted to feel it to check it would not be itchy. Anyway, the John Lewis in Welwyn is just a nightmare for someone with no sense of direction and it took me about 20 minutes of going up and down stairs, following signs, getting stuck behind all the slow Saturday shoppers, and nearly going out the emergency exit before I found the right section, only to find out they didn’t carry it in stock! Grr! I needed a Starbucks after that 🙂

Later on I walked up to Aldi to pick up some whisky for making Christmas cakes- one of my favourite half term jobs!

That is all soaking away now ready for my midweek bake.

And now I am going to make something with a pumpkin. Possibly roast it, and then maybe turn it into soup? I have not decided yet.

Anyone else making their Christmas cakes now? The recipe I use is here.

Anyone else doing some Halloween baking? I might have time on my hands next week to make something else too and always love ideas.


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17 thoughts on “Halloween baking”

    1. I am sure you will 🙂
      I never went trick or treating or anything like that, but I kept seeing decorations so fancied joining in!

  1. Your baking look fab, love the mini spiderwebs! I keep meaning to make caramel shortbread as I’ve never done it before & it is Liam & my Dad’s favourite…maybe on my day off on Wednesday 🙂

    We had a Halloween party for the children today (Saturday, technically yesterday I guess but I can’t sleep!) and I may have gone a *little* bit overboard on the decorations & food! Lots of fake cobwebs & spiders strung everywhere, caution tape on the front door etc. Food photos are on my Instagram profile http://instagram.com/lucybpp
    the main cake had (thanks to Liam) cobweb decoration similar to your caramel shortbreads, with my favourite lemon drizzle cake underneath 🙂

    1. Give it a go- I was always worried about the caramel bit but it is fine- just use a nice big pan , low heat and stir lots. Thanks for the link will have a look 🙂

  2. We are having a Halloween bake off at work so I might make something! My Grandma normally makes me a Christmas cake but I’m not a big fan of it in such huge quantities and on your own it’s a lot to eat, even if it last ages!! Last year I took it to my January WI meeting and the ladies there loved it!
    Just saw your comment on my blog – I am doing Tadworth 10 on 5th January, which is just near Epsom.

  3. Well Maria, I think you’ve given me no excuse not to make a Christmas cake, I keep saying I will make one and never do, just clipped your recipe to my Evernote! I am going to make some of my gingerbread slice next weekend ready for Bonfire night, looking forward to that 🙂

  4. Love the biscuit pattern- so clever!! That’s funny about parkrun, I love the parkrun stats, I was 3rd in my age category at the highbury fields one last week as there was only 90 runners, I found that hilarious, the only time I would place ever ha! Good luck with your christmas cakes!

    1. Nice work with the high placing 🙂 My first was my highest as it was awful weather so I think less than 100 runners were there!

  5. After you put “easy enough to follow” for that recipe I instantly went ot the website thinking “ah ha! Here’s an easy baking recipe I could do”. Fail. This looks too hard for a baking numpty like me haha.
    Your cakes look amazing – love the seasonal theme.
    I’ve managed to persuade Ben to bake me something this weekend coming…he’s a far better baker than me! So finger’s crossed 🙂
    I’ve got two pumpkins and I just need to get the motivation to chop them up…..

    1. Oh no I really think it is not that hard- the base just has to be mixed until crumbly, pressed into the baking tin/ cases and baked. The caramel (which sounds scary until you try it) is fine- just heat it in a big pan until it bubbles, and then stir. And then melt the chocolate for the top. It takes some time as you have to leave the caramel to set, and then the chocolate, but really I promise it is not complicated!

    1. Saw on facebook that it will be the off road course (whatever that is??) as the council are using the path to get ready for the fireworks, although I won’t be there as we are off to Kent for the weekend- wonder if we will ever do one at the same time??

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