Parkrun plastic!

A while ago I ordered myself a “proper” Parkrun barcode- you can just print a paper one off the website, but they do get a bit wrinkled in your pocket while you run. I decided they would be good presents for my Dad and brother too, so I got my Mum to sneakily email me their numbers, and they all came in the post a few weeks ago. I got them from the official place, here, if anyone else is interested.

Please excuse the awful chipped nail varnish that needs to come off asap!

The last time I went I couldn’t use it as my brother came with me, but today I was all on my own so I took it along to give it a try (with my paper one as backup!). The weather predicted rain, but luckily it held off until much later (around 11 am I think). The start was jam packed- I tried to stay on the path as the grass was quite long and very muddy- it looked very slippery. It started as the bells went off at the local church, and I spent the first section going pretty slowly. I overtook a few people in the end, but had decided to use the first bit to warm up as it was freezing! I kept my long sleeved top on the whole time, and wished I had worn tights instead of capris. It was such a good morning for a run, although the air was so cold so it was tougher breathing. I thought that for some miracle I would get around the first loop of the lake without being lapped, but alas a speedy person came past me right at the turn! Another speedy runner nearly pushed me over as he shoved past- how rude.

I had glanced at my Garmin a couple of times- I knew my first mile was slower due to the crowding, but the second mile was much quicker, so again I flipped my watch around so I could not look at it for the final bit. This seems to help a lot. There is a tiny hill (slope? It is steep but only for a few steps) before you run back along the path again, and this often seems to sap all the energy from my legs, but today I was feeling OK in my legs- it was my breathing that could not keep up (I think the cold air made my throat dry, and then I had a few bits of saliva in my throat which I could feel moving when I was breathing if that makes sense- felt like I might choke). The finish chute is on the grass, and annoyingly someone overtook me on the mud (I felt very unstable) and then stopped right before he got to the chute- at least the volunteer asked him to keep moving but I nearly smacked right into him! (And I just checked on the results and it was not even his first one!)

The queue for chip scanning was huge (but no wonder- I was number 171- the same as 2 weeks ago)- I was very glad of my top then as I was getting very cold indeed. One problem with turning my watch around is that I forget to stop it when I finish- I noticed it was still going on 28 something, so I knew I had gone quite fast, but no idea of my time. It meant that the text message was a lovely surprise- 27.16 so not bad- only 26 seconds off my pb- and my third fastest time. I am sure I run better in the cold.

What was weird was that in my final lap I wasn’t by many people, so it felt like I was near the back. But as I was in the queue loads more people came in, and a total of 274 people completed it, so there were just over 100 people who came in after me- it didn’t feel like that!

My race number for the Brighton 10K arrived this week too- exciting stuff!

Once I got home I had a lovely hot shower and some porridge before getting on with the housework- I think I cleaned the house in record time!

Then I made some tea in my infuser- love it! Along with a little chocolate- I was going to use this in baking but wanted to see what it tasted like on its own first.

Also marathon talk released their 200th episode this week. You guys all know how much I love it, and I could ramble on, but this post sums it up really well. So have a read.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Parkrun plastic!”

  1. Love coming in at the same number at a parkrun, my first 2 I was runner 203 🙂
    When I do a parkrun I don’t wear my watch or my headphones & I ALWAYS have music but at parkrun I tried once but didn’t enjoy it- weird.

    Well done on your constantly improving times as well, it may be worth having a look back to se how far you have come.

    1. What a coincidence! I am generally around the 27 and a bit mark now, which is not too bad I don’t think. I suppose when I started running I did a 5K in 35 mins, so I have sped up since then.
      I like running with no music or anything at Parkruns as I like to just think, and try to focus a bit more on pushing myself.

  2. Well done on Parkrun! That’s so rude what the two runners did to you. There has been a lot of talk lately about these kind of idiots spoiling it for everyone else. I know my home parkrun in Cardiff is attracting around 500 people a week now, so it’s inevitable that you are going to get more incidents like what you experienced. Great job on your time. I went to Nike Training Club today and got absolutely drenched and covered in mud, great session but the weather was dreadful! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    1. Gosh 500 that is crazy! I think with just under 300 people, 2 rude ones is not too bad a ratio, but I think some people get a bit carried away with trying to speed on-= it is just for fun (and it is free) after all.
      The Nike training club sounds good- even if the weather was a bit cross country!

  3. Men do seem to be intent on knocking people over when they’re racing. I’ve never been pushed or nearly tripped over by a woman in any race I’ve ever run, but men? God, they’re so rude! They will do pretty much anything to overtake you and the majority don’t even apologise for it. Point of this rant: kill all men 😉 End of story.

    I found a 10K near to me in December (I did it in 2010 but it keeps getting cancelled due to the weather…) so hopefully I’ll have a go at that.

    Congrats on another strong Parkrun!


    1. Exciting about your 10K 🙂 I know you are not so keen on the shorter distances, but hopefully you will have time to get into your stride.
      Normally the faster runners do say excuse me as they are passing- the paths can be narrow so I understand they can get a bit frustrated, but this guy who pushed me was so rude- no apology or anything- grrr!

  4. I didn’t realise you could order plastic Parkrun barcodes. That’s a really good idea and worth checking out as it always ends up a race the night before for me – printing, cutting and selotaping up the paper version!

    1. They are pretty reasonable- I think I heard about them on the parkrun podcast (like marathon talk but shorter and more informal!)- I got a set with one credit card sized one and 3 little ones, for about £7 I think? You can include an ICE number, and medical info too, which is really good I think.

  5. Love reading your Parkrun recaps 🙂 I was thinking about going, but had some extra time in bed then did a 5.5 mile run, which meant I caught the rain, doh! Getting lapped is always funny, I feel jealous and think ‘if I was that fast I’d be nearly done by now!’. Need to go again and see if I can better my pb, should be aiming for times like yours 🙂
    Was this the St A run? I never know to run on the left or right when the faster runners come by. And I agree about the mini hill on the way back, that final stretch seems to last foreeeeever! Well done on getting out there bright and early (and freezy!)

    1. Yeah it is St Albans- yeah that hill is only small but tough right near the end!
      I try to hover near the middle of the path so that they can go either side- I suppose the slower ones should go on the inside and the faster ones pass on the outside but as you are dodging puddles and ducks and walkers and dogs it is not always that easy.
      I bet you could run the same speed as me- your 10K time is sub 60 I am sure (I am sure I read that when you did the Herts 10K??)- that is what I am aiming for!

  6. Thanks so much for this link Maria – I think I spy a great present opportunity right there (for me as well as others haha!). Well done for battling through difficult conditions, the ground is so slippery at the moment. That chocolate looks absolutely delicious, like fancy Terry’s 🙂

    1. Yes it was a bit like that! Ah no worries- I had seen about them before and spent ages on the parkrun website, and it took me ages to find the link to the right page, as there are other ones that are not official parkrun ones.

  7. I am so tempted to get Ben and me one of those Parkrun cards. So much better than the paper. Ben keeps ours in his phone under the case so it does stay dry but it’s annoying for him to get them out at the end.
    I think there should be a Parkrun Code of Conduct! I find it annoying when people say to me “oh I’m taking this one very easily. I’m so tired…blah blah” and then blasting the run, clearly trying to PB. I don’t know why it annoys me. When I say I’m running slow I literally will! Why bother saying it? Maybe they don’t want to big themselves up?

    1. The plastic ones are a good idea- I was worried that they would not scan, but it was fine. Not sure why I worried really!
      I think some people are a bit like that, in that they feel they always need to go for a pb or whatever. The thing is the majority of people are fab, and friendly etc, but there are always a few who are not so good.

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