Baked apple with ginger

Last week I was sent a gorgeous hamper from Flora.proactiv.

It contained all the ingredients needed to make this lovely recipe; baked apples with ginger.

It also contained some Christmas treats.

A heart shaped baking dish and chopping board, a pestle and mortar set and a fab Christmas apron (which I have been wearing a lot!). I felt very lucky unpacking it all.

The recipe was very simple to follow, and smelled wonderful when the apples were cooking. I love baked apples but I have never added water while they are cooking- perhaps that is where I have been going wrong?

The dates and ginger were stuffed into the apple cores, then the Flora.proactiv, honey, ground ginger and orange zest was mixed up ready to be spread over the cooked apples.

I loved the combination of apples and ginger- very warming and wintery.  I love the way the apples pop up and burst out of their skins. The orange zest was a great addition too- I would not think to have apples and oranges together.

Are you a fan of baked apples? I always forget about them and then when I have them I love them. They are especially good with some custard.


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12 thoughts on “Baked apple with ginger”

    1. That ginger is so good in baked things too- making a ginger cake for work right now with some of it in there too.

  1. I love that you even got a chopping board and apron! What a great hamper!
    I’m not a fan of cooked fruit unfortunately. Despite being a massive fan of fresh fruit and never being able to get enough of it into my day when it is cooked and still warm it has always made my tummy turn.

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