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My, the weather outside is frightful. And not in a Dean Martin snowy way either, just howling winds and torrential rain. Luckily (?) this week I have been very busy at work, and also conscious of not doing too much, so I have not really had time to miss running. Actually on Monday I didn’t get home too late, so did about 2.5 miles (and on Tuesday I went for a waffle with some friends). On Wednesday I had a physio appointment-I felt to bruised after, so when I got home I persuaded Andy to accompany me on a walk as I knew I would not be going to the Sweatshop run. Hopefully I can start that back in the new year.

Then I did some baking for work- ginger cake (recipe from British Bake Off book) and a honey loaf (from the Leon cookbook).

I made a lemon icing for the gingerbread, as I used the lemon zest in the honey loaf so the juice needed using up anyway.

On Thursday I had to stop by the shops on the way home as someone at work was leaving and I was in charge of getting her gifts. I was planning on having a short run, but I think I got home at about 7pm, and it started raining, and I was just so tired (and still had marking to do, and gifts to wrap for work) so just had a shower instead.

We have managed to watch a couple of movies this week- one night we watched Mary Poppins after seeing Saving Mr Banks last week (which I just thought was brilliant- it’s not a documentary though, just based on a true story, whereas a lot of critics seem to be annoyed that it is not completely true to life- it’s just a movie!!!!!), and then another evening we watched Home Alone. I am still trying to decide if I actually want this jumper or not.

On Friday after work I visited my Nan, and then my Mum and Dad- it was so relaxing to chat and catch up. Then I did my physio exercises and stretches at home in front of the TV.

This morning I was planning on having a run, but the weather again was awful, but according to the weather it would stop raining in the afternoon, so I postponed until later. I made some festive pancakes- with all the toppings: cinnamon apple, mince pie filling, a little chocolate pb, and some gingerbread syrup.

It’s so gloomy! I had both blinds open in our living room but still the flash went off. Means I can keep the Christmas tree lights on all day though …

After popping to the post office I went on a run- I went for about 3.6 miles- I was keeping it steady but when I looked at my Garmin I was below 10 min miles- I think the wind must have been behind me at that point! It was great to be out there- plus I was listening to marathon talk (from a couple of weeks back) and someone else scored a royal flush negative split! Love that the phrase is catching on πŸ™‚ I was giggling as I was running at that point.

I have had a massive tidy up and clean today- so therapeutic as these last few weeks have been hectic. We have a Christmas music playlist so I was listening to that earlier while making some gingerbread dough- yup, I am going to make a gingerbread house over the weekend. Hooray, I love Christmas baking.

What would be on your Christmas music playlist? We have had some classics including Winter’s Tale, The Snowman soundtrack, and some others but right now Proper Crimbo (Bo Selecta) has popped up- eclectic to say the least!

What Christmas movies do you love? I also need to watch The Snowman, but I normally save that for Christmas Eve.

PS- Anyone else joining up for Jantastic? We still need 3 more team members for Run Blog Bake! We are friendly I promise, and I am especially keen to encourage people to start running (run/ walking).

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15 thoughts on “Christmas Movies”

  1. You’ve got to buy that jumper! Fab πŸ˜€ Actually, I think Home Alone is the only Xmas movie I can tolerably watch. Does Nightmare Before Christmas count? There are actually some brilliant, hilarious Xmas horror movies from the 80s such as Jack Frost, Santa Claws, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Santa’s Slay (don’t you love these titles? Actually, that last one was from 2005…), Black Christmas and Christmas Evil. I love them all, and it’s fun to watch them intermittently from Xmas Eve to Boxing Day *evil laughter*. That’s my idea of festive spirit πŸ˜›

    The weather has been bloody horrible up here too – we’ve had some snow flurries. Ugh. Glad your running is still going well though!


  2. The weather is horrible isn’t it? Poor Ben with the marathon tomorrow :-S
    Those cakes sound lovely. Maybe I’ll do some baking on Monday as I now have the time! Who knows! And glad your running is going well again πŸ™‚
    I love loads of different Christmas music, like Mariah Carey, the Pogues, Michael Buble (sp?), the old classics…anything that’s got a Christmassy cheer to it really.
    I love Elf, Home Alone 2, Love Actually (that’s Christmassy, right?), the Muppets…I did watch that National Lampoon thing and I wasn’t that impressed. It was very slap stick which wasn’t my thing though it was funny in parts.

  3. Got to love Christmas baking, I made Nick a gingerbread house one year, I was quite proud of it! The weather is atrocious, we had an awful coach journey home yesterday in it, I managed to avoid it during Parkrun this morning but it’s been bad the rest of the day, I have a very long run to do tomorrow so fingers crossed it will be ok! I love watching the snowman, elf, nightmare before christmas and santa claus. The Glee christmas soundtracks are my favourite, might have to listen to them on the run tomorrow!

    1. I have been attempting a ginggerbread house today but one roof part is not holding! Hope the weather holds for your long run tomorrow.

  4. It won’t be this year but I really need to get round to making a gingerbread house one year. They always look so great when people post pictures.
    Christmas just isn’t Christmas for me unless I watch Santa Claus with Dudley Moore. Although I always get upset when the toys start breaking!

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