And the winners are…

Hey folks!

A quick announcement first of all. The winners from the Urban Fruit giveaway (old school- names written on paper, Andy drew them out of a pot).

Hannah Ashley (via facebook)


Vikki Roberts (via facebook)




If you could all email your address to me ( I shall pass it on to the folks at Urban Fruit and they will send your goodies out to you.

Rambles from this week:

Sweatshop on Wednesday was part of a new route and part of an old route- it introduced me to more of the field which I love! I was at the back but kept the other girls in sight, and even managed one mile at 8.55! I was pleased with that (and exhausted after!).

Pump on Thursday- getting used to the new release now.

Run after work on Friday- 3.5 miles- through fields including the long grass section so had to really slow. Very muggy and sticky but enjoyable.

Saturday- Went out for breakfast with friends. Hoped to spot Jenson Button competing in his triathlon. Saw a few cyclists whizzing by but no Jenson. The tea and company more than made up for it. Then got roped into helping decorate our bathrooms!

Sunday- 6.5 mile run looping through the fields twice. As you can tell I am loving running through the fields at the moment. When the sun came out it was baking and almost unbearable though.

Welwyn Hatfield-20140706-00493

This is the part of the field where the grass is very long!

Welwyn Hatfield-20140706-00494

You can sort of see tracks but they are pretty over grown. I love that this is only 5 minutes from where I live.

What is the best thing about where you live?Β 

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14 thoughts on “And the winners are…”

  1. Yay! Thank-you! πŸ˜€
    Well done on your sub 9 minute mile! It was so hot on Wednesday as well.
    As you know I love running through fields too. It really uses up so much energy running with ‘high knees’ to get over the high grass though. I always feel like I’ve had a serious workout by the time I get back!
    I love that we are so close to lots of lakes. They look beautiful in all seasons and it makes for some great running routes year-round.

    1. Contrats!
      The lakes in Milton Keynes were lovely- you always seem to have lovely country routes to run in.

  2. YAY, congratulations & Urban fruit here I come πŸ™‚

    I love the fact that it feels like we live in the countryside but are only 3 miles form town centre πŸ™‚

  3. Well done on your sub-9 min mile, especially in this heat! I love running in fields, I always feel like I’ve had much more of a workout compared to pavements and there’s less likely to be anyone in the way!

  4. I do love more scenic runs and the softer terrain is always preferable to road, but I do hate running through long grass. It whips at my shins and I get (and have!) so many scratches. Not great for summer. And I find it a lot harder to get through. But it is nice to have as a change!

    1. Yes it is tougher and I hate getting scratches but I never notice them at the time, only when I get home.

  5. What a fab route! You are lucky to have that on your doorstep.

    Best bit about where I live? I have the countryside in 10 minutes (drive) in one direction, and the seaside (5 minutes walk) in the other!

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