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I have been very lucky over the past few weeks to be sent a few some parcels with goodies to review.


I was sent a few products from the My Protein group. I chose some True Women vitamins from, some flaked coconut from, and some almond butter from I love the packaging that the vitamins come in- these will be easier to take on holiday than a little jar. Although they are rather large! I did get a tip from someone at work- to look to one side as you swallow as that helps open up your throat. The vitamins are suitable for veggies, and have plenty of iron and B vitamins in there, which is what I was looking for as I have been a bit worried about being tired recently. A small point was that I did find the website hard to navigate as I could not see an option to sort by dietary requirements- something I would find useful as so often I would click on something and find it was not suitable.

The coconut is gorgeous – it does have a small amount of added sugar (1%) but no sulphur dioxide which is what I was looking for, as so many dried fruits contain it, and it does not agree with my tummy. I am looking forward to baking with it, but so far have enjoyed some slices as a snack.


This almond butter is so good- really drippy, and no salt added either, just 100% almonds. I decided to make some cookies from my Oh She Glows cookbook. The recipe is pretty much this one, only using almond butter not peanut butter. I just used normal flour instead of the oat flour, and they turned out pretty awesome!


I added some flaked coconut to some of them before I baked them.


Seriously- make them. Almond + chocolate + coconut is an amazing combination.

On Sunday morning I was up early so decided to head out for a run. I did 6.5 miles over the fields, but it was really humid and I was roasting by the time I got home. To cool down we had our first acai bowl of the year.


This was a frozen banana, some frozen cherries and frozen blueberries, all blended up with some almond milk and acai powder. We put muesli in our bowls, top with the frozen smoothie, then top with a chopped nectarine and some coconut. Summer in a bowl.


I had a few Holland and Barrett points so ended up ordering a little parcel of goodies online (although later found out that Ocado now stock coconut oil and for much cheaper, so I shall be getting it from there next time). I wanted to try the Salt of the Earth deodorant, as I would quite like to avoid aluminium (and have tried a few natural brands but not been that impressed). Unfortunately it is just that, a deodorant, and not an antiperspirant. I like the fact that they are both unfragranced, as often the fragrance irritates my skin, but I do still feel a little bit sticky still, so I think I might use them on cool days, but use my bad stuff on hot days.

I saw these meridian bars and had to try them (they are vegan and soya/gluten free)! The almond one is made with almonds, brown rice malt, agave nectar, rice bran, concentrated fruit juice, rice protein, rice starch and sunflower lecithin. It was rather sweet, but I liked it, and the texture reminded me of a less chalky Pulsin bar (I do like Pulsin bars, but they are just on the verge of being that weird chalky texture that some protein bars have). I bought the toothpaste on a whim- I have been using Green People moisturiser and liking it, so thought I would try it, although am using my current toothpaste first.

But my favourite delivery of all…..


Wow look at these beauties! Wiggle were having a sale, and I could not resist. I have Asics trail shoes which I really like, and thought I would give a normal pair a go. I had to swap them for half a size up as the 5.5’s I ordered were more like 5’s (according to the US and European sizes on the box) but they are really comfortable. The only trouble is I don’t want to get them muddy.

Now, that should be enough for me, but Thoosa are now having a sale and I am really in love with their workout tops and slogan t-shirts…

Anyone else an online shopping addict?


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16 thoughts on “Deliveries!”

  1. I saw the Thoosa sale and I am itching to hit the order button … it makes total sense and I love their tights and am actually going to need a new long pair for winter …….. I think I might have just convinced myself 😉
    Cookies look delushious (I know its not a real word but maybe it could be?!?!)

  2. Oh those trail shoes are so pretty. Such a shame they’re gonna have to get muddy!
    That’s a great tip about swallowing tablets. I’m always the worst when it comes to getting them down, especially in the evening so I’ll have to remember that.

    1. These are normal shoes- my other ones are trail shoes, but still in the summer I will run through the fields with them so they will get dirty in the end.

  3. Those trainers are gorgeous Maria – perfect for summer too! Very envious of your goodies, I ate my way through that almond butter in record time, it was delicious! Just about to press ‘purchase’ on my first Ocado shop thanks to your brilliant tip, I’m so impressed how much you can buy on there! Have a great weekend

  4. Haha I love that you’re sad about getting your trainers muddy. I love getting my trainers all muddified and worn. A visual representation of the hard work and effort put into running hehe.
    I take some vitamin tablets in the morning that are HUGE. I’m able to split them into two though and just take them that way.
    I daren’t even look online at Next or Oasis as I just go crazy. I’m bad enough on Wiggle or other running websites!!

  5. Ah, love the trainers! I desperately need some new ones but I’m holding off until after the baby comes then I’m planning one almighty shopping trip for workout clothes. I’m definitely a bit online shopping crazy although I am trying to keep myself more in check.

  6. I love LOVE LOVE those trainers!!! Fab colours : )

    I am addicted to My Proteins almond butter so good, those cookies sound amazing!

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