Not so much running

And not even because of the heat! On Sunday afternoon I was sneezing a bit, but thought it was because of the sunshine, but by Sunday night it had turned into a proper cold, with a sore throat and neck (I could only turn my head to the left as my neck was swollen on one side).

So, no running for me.

Tuesday and Wednesday I still didn’t feel great, so we had a walk on Tuesday and went to the cinema on Wednesday. We saw Boyhood, which was really good, but long, and I had work to do once I got home so was not quite in the right mood for it.

Thursday I was home late, too late for pump really, and so opted for another walk and a bit of a relaxing evening- I was pretty shattered.

Then at about 3.30 in the morning we had the most crazy thunderstorm I have ever seen ( to rival one from Florida)- lightning every 10 seconds at times, and so close by. Luckily it woke me up as I had to rush around to close all the windows!

This was waiting for me when I got home on Friday! I am doing this run in October (I am doing the 15K, but there is a 10K or 5K option too)- I think I must have decided to buy the top when I signed up, but it arrived on its own- they must be sending out the race packs later.  We had sports day at work so I had been outside in the heat a lot, but wanted a run as the weather here for Saturday was meant to be more storms- after seeing them the other night I didn’t think that was sensible. So at about 6pm I headed out on a short run. I did an out and back route- the first half a mile was shaded, and the next mile was through the fields- no shade but a breeze so I didn’t feel too bad. But then I turned around and the breeze disappeared. It was horrendous. Almost like it was hard to breathe, and although I had suncream on I almost felt like I could feel my skin sizzling and burning. I didn’t really enjoy the mile back through the fields and ended up feeling a bit sick- I was very glad of the shade for the final part, and took it pretty slowly.

Then I was awake early on Saturday morning, and although it was raining a bit at first, by 8.30 the rain had stopped and it was still overcast- much better running weather- I should have waited! I did a lot of tidying and cleaning instead, and then made some pancakes.

IMG_5772These were made with 1 egg, some almond milk, some of that Pulsin’ soya protein powder, coconut flour, baking powder and almond extract.  Not sure of the amounts- tablespoon here, a drop there, but mixed until they made batter that looked OK. It shows how hot it has been as the jar of coconut oil in my cupboard had turned to liquid! I had two topped with that delicious almond butter, and one with nutella, plus 2 doughnut peaches. Mmm, hello weekend.

More tidying awaited (during a busy week nothing gets done at home- I just put things into “neat” piles as that makes me feel better), before lunch.


Sourdough with tomato pesto and avocado (yes, chopped the avocado on the plate as I had just cleaned and tidied the kitchen so didn’t want to make a chopping board dirty), plus some iced tea.  This was coconut pineapple black tea which I ordered here from ebay ages ago- I added half a cup of boiling water to the tea jug, left for a minute then topped with cold water and chilled overnight. It is delicious, probably my favourite home-made iced tea yet.

Also, was just emailed a discount code for the remaining Women’s Running 10K races (Bristol 2nd Augustl/ Glasgow 6th Sept/ Finsbury Park 27th Sept)- £20 if you enter LETMERUN – worth a try to see if the discount will work if you fancy one of them- that includes the technical t-shirt so pretty good value. I really enjoyed it and would keep my eyes out for them next year. 

Right, I am off to the allotment as I am hoping it will be a bit cooler out there now.

How have you been coping in the heat?

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20 thoughts on “Not so much running”

  1. I’ve had a bit of a low running week as well, think it is the weather and work. Boyhood was great but oh so long, I’m impressed you managed to do marking after it as I found it emotionally exhausting! Love the top, I’ve never ran a race with a pre-bought top but it is definitely something I’d like to do as I can never figure out what to wear to races!

    1. Yes it was so long- I didn’t realise as Andy booked the tickets! It was emotional but sometimes work just has to be done!
      When I signed up to the Brighton half there was an option to buy a t-shirt but it was quite expensive I think (Maybe £30?) so I didn’t, but I loved the pink and the fact it was fitted for women, I am glad I went for it. Also often for races I wear a vest, but I am thinking that a t-shirt will be good for October.

  2. We had a crazy thunderstorm Thursday night. The loudest I’ve ever heard and non stop sheet lightening. Amazong but Alfie was terrified and tried to climb on our heads in bed! And so hot so fairly rubbish night sleeps.
    I’ve been running so early that the heat hasn’t really started. This is good and bad. Good because I get a good run but bad because it means I’m unprepared for how hot my half might be tomorrow at 10am!!
    I need to start making ice tea. Sounds so refreshing!

  3. I am on a 12 week training plan for my first half and the heat is killing me. Sacrificing my lie ins on a weekend to get out for 7.30 to get my longer runs in before it gets warm!

  4. I am really struggling with the heat, I think last night was the warmest night yet, we have a very warm house and it’s difficult to sleep, it’s so uncomfortable. I’ve not run at all due to injury this week but I imagine I would have found the conditions tough. Hope you are feeling better now!

  5. We haven’t had any thunderstorms up here although I wish we would have one if only to clear the air a bit. I definitely can’t imagine running in this, it’s hard enough just sitting down! Hope your cold has completely cleared up x

  6. Hey, I’m thinking about doing the Whole Foods Women’s Race too!!! Maybe I’ll see you there, that would be pretty awesome 🙂

    And I’m quite enjoying running in this weather (well, except for being caught in a thunderstorm the other day!), but then most of my runs are done quite early so it’s much cooler then.

    1. It would be! 🙂
      I don’t normally do London races as they are a bit of a pain to get to, but I think I can drive to this one. I like 10 miles so 15k is just under that, thought it would be good.

  7. I was up with that crazy thunderstorm too and had to run around closing windows. The rain was so hard it sounded like hail!

    Oo I did that race last year, the goody bag was AWESOME.
    Yum your breakfast and lunch look really good. Sorry to hear you’ve been a bit tired, sometimes we all need an off week 😀

  8. Seriously loving your shirt! I have just got home from ibiza and even though the weather is much cooler in england now we are home it is still HOT. Im terrible with exercise when its warm and take my hat off to you for even trying when its like this!

    1. I think gyms are awful as even the air con doesn’t cool you down much- I think a breeze is the best thing.

    1. There are 5 and 10K options too- but I figure 15k is just over 9 miles so a nice distance really.
      The studio where I do pump has air con but it is not that strong and sometimes we just prop open the fire door as the breeze cools better.

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