Living by the sea

I love to visit the seaside. Brighton is one of my favourite places to visit, and I love pretty much anywhere along the south coast too. Where I live is pretty built up- not much green space between towns at all. It is great living so close to London, and within reach of several towns and cities, but I do love it when we get away for the weekend and get to see the sea.

A few years ago I had a trip to Devon with some of my friends. Luckily we didn’t actually see any sharks. We did have fun walking by the sea, playing mini golf and getting a “ferry” (turned out to be the size of a rowing boat) to another part of the coast.

Andy and I like our weekends away as well, and Dorset is one of our favourite places to visit.

A walk along the beach is just amazing for blowing away the cobwebs- relaxing and recharging at the same time. And who would not want to see a view like this?

Wherever we go (this country or abroad), Andy will always look in the estate agents windows to see what property costs there. Where we live prices are rather inflated as we are so close to London, so sometimes it is a bit annoying to see how little a 3 bedroom house would cost if we lived further away from London. But then we had a look at properties for sale in Devon and realised that perhaps living by the sea is a bit more expensive!

Would you like to live by the sea?

Do you like looking in estate agents windows? 

*I was sent a voucher in exchange for writing this post, all opinions are my own.

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8 thoughts on “Living by the sea”

  1. I do live by the sea and I love it, I have always lived by the sea be it Hastings, Brighton or Barcelona so I couldn’t imagine not! One of my favourite things to do is go for an early morning walk or run along the seafront, its bliss : )

    1. You are so lucky! I do love a sun along the sea front, although I did one in Bournemouth last year and got free (and painful) exfoliation from the sand blowing in the wind!

  2. Oh yeah, I totally look in estate agents windows every time we go away! I would love to live by the coast, I’d love to run along the seafront every day.

  3. I think I take living by the sea for granted. A lot of my childhood and teen years I lived a 20 minute walk from the beach and I’d always hang out there with friends in the summer. I’m now more interested in mountains now! Haha. I’m sure I’d miss it if I moved far away from it though.

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