New cookery books!

I love getting a new cookery book- I don’t tend to cook a lot of things (apart from baking), but I love looking through and seeing beautiful recipes. Last week I treated myself to a copy of Grains as Mains.

2015-03-21 11.04.01

Of course, I could not resist the buckwheat pancake recipe for a post-parkrun breakfast. I have some Rude Health buckwheat flour (it is sprouted, but looks like normal flour, whereas I imagined it would look like sprouted beans or something). I didn’t add yoghurt to the mix because I forgot, but the cherry almond sauce is just amazing, and I had some coconut yoghurt to top them with. Mmmmm.

2015-03-21 11.03.50

And although it does not match up to the beautiful photography inside the book, it looks pretty similar (and tasted wonderful). That cherry sauce has overtaken blueberries as my favourite pancake topping.

After my long run on Sunday I fancied some cookies, so after a visit to town and a nap, I spent a bit of time in the kitchen making these peanut and chocolate cookies, also with buckwheat flour.

2015-03-26 17.39.43

Again these turned out really well- I love the combination of salted peanuts and dark chocolate (I think I needed some salt after running for all that time), and I think the buckwheat flour adds to the nuttiness.

No doubt I shall be trying some of the lovely looking salads and breakfasts over the next few months. So congratulations and thanks to Laura for making such a fab book.

Do you buy new books often? 

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11 thoughts on “New cookery books!”

  1. I don’t buy hardcopy books much these days, I tend to bookmark zillions of recipes online and then promptly forget about most of them 🙁
    Very tempted by Laura’s book though.

    1. I do that too- but if I print out a recipe and then file it away I don’t tend to revisit as much as I do if they are in books. Laura’s book has meaty recipes too, I am sure you would find plenty to cook from it.

  2. Mmm sounds delicious. I’m not very good with baking but I’m interested in the other recipes for dinners and things like that.
    I tend to buy Kindle books rather than ‘real’ books as I prefer to save space that way, but when it comes to cookery books it’s always got to be the real thing. Can’t risk splashing the Kindle and I love the pictures in cookery books.

    1. Yeah I could never imagine cooking from a kindle recipe book- recipe books need to be real and I really like looking at photos too, to check I am doing it right!

  3. I do love cookery books and deciding on some new recipes to try. Dan makes hings so awkward though, being the extreme veggie-dodger that he is! I haven’t baked in quite a while actually (other than my failed attempt at brownies the other week!) but have bookmarked a few recipes to try for over the holidays now they’re finally here!

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