Christmas Eve and Christmas day parkruns

Normally I would run a parkrun on a Saturday, and have a longer run on Sunday. As Christmas was on a Sunday this year, I decided to swap them over, so I would have my longer run first. Last weekend (on Sunday) I ran to and from the start of Ellenbrook parkrun, to see how long it would take. I went slightly different ways there and back, and the quickest way was just under 5 miles, so I decided that running there, doing parkrun, and running home would be a good long run. I also signed up to the Strava December half marathon, so that was in the back of my mind.

The run was fine, and the next morning I was off to Panshanger (a 10 minute drive away) for the Christmas day parkrun.


When I got there, at about 8.40, it wasn’t too busy, but it soon got very full indeed. It was great to see so many people in Santa hats, and everyone was in a great mood.


My other festive leggings were chosen, along with my red 50 top (although I kept my long sleeved top on over it for most of it as it was chilly), plus tinsel on my trail shoes.


They were quite muddy after!

The run was good- I felt tired after running 13 miles the day before (I normally have a rest day after a long run and this reminded me why)- I started near the back as I didn’t want to hold anyone up, and as it’s narrow at the start I did walk a bit. I then picked up the pace a bit and ended up overtaking a lot of people, but still ran fairly slowly for me. The atmosphere was great- all the marshals were so cheerful, and I saw a guy running around with a carrier bag- he was stopping at each marshal point and getting out cakes to hand to them- I love seeing this sort of thing and you seem to get more of it at parkrun than anywhere else.

Even with the big number of people (337) the chip scanners were not busy, and I had enough time to treat myself to a chai latte from the coffee van before heading home for a shower, breakfast and presents. My time was 34.09, one of my slower, but it was great to get some fresh air, to add miles onto my target, and to notch up another parkrun (that was my 89th).

Christmas and Boxing Day was great- time at my parents and Andy’s parents, visiting my Auntie, having a walk outside and generally relaxing.

How was your Christmas? Do you tend to run on consecutive days? Did you do any festive runs or parkruns?


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