Walks in the sunshine and a Waffle House trip

On Monday after work I had a short walk to stretch out my legs- they weren’t feeling too bad after the 14 miles on the Sunday, but I had worn compression sleeves all day just to help, and I think a walk always helps to ease out any stiffness.

On Tuesday I made the most of having no meeting (due to parents evening later in the week) and stopped on my way home for a run- it wasn’t quite dark when I set out, and it felt like spring might be around the corner as I spotted lots of snowdrops.

On Wednesday we had meetings all evening, so I decided to head out at lunch time to get a bit of sunshine. I saw loads more snowdrops and spotted so many birds out (I was walking mainly through woodland). Usually lunch times are so busy setting up for the afternoon and catching up on paperwork, but I try to get out once a week if I can and it always makes such a difference to how I feel.

I had sorted my baking into tins for each day- some blondies for the Wednesday meetings and then the caramel shortbread for the Thursday (saving the best ’til last).  It seemed to help everyone get through the extra busy week!

The teachers at work were treated to a little package from another member of staff- these were left for us in the staffroom before the final parents evening and it was just such a lovely gesture (and I also loved the picture of the person collapsed on their back- it can feel a bit like that by the end of each term!).

On Friday I was meeting a friend at The Waffle House. I arrived a little early (you can never tell how the traffic will be), so I had a quick walk around the lakes, enjoying more spring sunshine.

I had a bit of time to peruse the menu, and decided on the pecan and butterscotch waffle (pecans are baked into the waffle) and then added a banana on top. They had a special warm elder-flower and apple juice, so I went for that instead of my usual tea.  Of course the food was delicious, and it’s always so lovely to catch up with my friend and know that we are looking forward to a relaxing week.

What would your ideal waffle topping be?  What do you do in your lunch break? Does your work do anything to help with staff wellbeing?

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3 thoughts on “Walks in the sunshine and a Waffle House trip”

  1. Ooooh waffle topping… well I’d probably be rather piggy or unhealthy and have something chocolaty or caramelly. Mmmm. The pecans sound delicious though – nice texture.
    I definitely enjoy getting out at lunchtime. If I’m not running I’ll be walking round our lake (the one that the Portsmouth Lakeside goes round) if the weather is nice.
    I so wish you worked where I worked with all your baking! My team are very much not of the baking persuasion (myself included). Your shortbread and blondies look delicious.

    1. Well the blondies was from seeing you bake them that time- so I know you can bake!
      Ah working next to that lake would be so good- it must be lovely to always be able to get some fresh air and daylight in a place like that.

  2. I wish I could do something more productive with my lunch break than simply eat my lunch, but we have quite a short lunchtime and realistically by the time I’ve made sure everything is tidy from the last class and got set up for the afternoon, there’s not much of it left!

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