Collecting the freebies and a breezy run

Last week on Saturday afternoon, Andy and I headed into town as I’d won some free pancakes from Bill’s, so we thought we’d head for a late lunch.

Andy had a burger, while I had pancakes with caramelised banana, chocolate sauce, almonds and salted caramel ice cream. They were delicious- if only they were on their menu all the year round.

I had some work to get on with in the afternoon, as well as more name changing things (trying to change the name on my paypal is proving to be hard, but not as impossible as the saga with the Post Office continues, although my new passport came so I got my driving licence paperwork ready to be sent off) and we watched a film in the evening (but I cannot remember what it was, although it was possibly some of the Michael Jackson docu which I have erased from my brain because it showed just how creepy he was).

On Sunday morning I was off for a run- I’d pencilled in 9-10 miles, and I was going to meet Andy in town for breakfast after, as I had a voucher for porridge from Caffe Nero (these shops know how to get me!). I’d vaguely planned a route (that’s not like you, you normally precisely plan your routes I hear you cry), and I ended up going up and down a road near town a little bit to make it up to 9 miles. It was pretty windy so when I got to 9 miles  I stopped and went into the cafe.

I got a porridge plus honey (an entire mini jar of honey which at first I thought would be too much, and then after a while I tipped it all in…) and a tea, and listened to a podcast while Andy walked in to meet me, bringing my coat. We then popped to John Lewis as I’d decided to spend a voucher on a cushion for one of our arm chairs, and then I needed to use my Vitality Starbucks voucher so I got a chai latte before we walked home. It was so windy and kept raining, blowing over and even hailing on our walk home- the hot shower once home was very much appreciated!

We’d bought some bagels and some Nush cream cheese (which is made from almonds) for lunch which was very tasty too. We then popped over to see Andy’s parents for a few hours, sitting inside and watching the wind blow everything everywhere- will this autumnal weather ever end??

The week was fairly quiet- Monday was a walk after work, Tuesday I was back late due to bad traffic and also felt pretty tired so just did a 3 mile run. On Wednesday yoga was super busy (16 people I think) with lots of new people, and we did a lot of work on breathing, a lot of core work and some nice inversions.  Andy had been out for dinner and I’d persuaded him to pop to The Pudding Stop after to get some take away (the loyalty card scheme is transferring over to a new system at the end of March and I only needed one more stamp…). He did good, getting us a peanut butter and salted caramel brownie to share on Wednesday, and a pecan pie to share for Thursday.

On Thursday I was feeling really tired again in the evening, and was pondering on just having a walk instead, but in the end I decided I’d feel better after, and I think it was the right decision. I had in the back of my mind that I’ve got another half marathon next weekend so I can’t ease off too much before then. It’s a hard call to make sometimes. I did 4 miles and then got home, had a shower and put my PJ’s on.  I felt OK afterwards, so I think it was the right decision, but it isn’t always easy to work out, especially when I can feel very mentally drained after a day at work and it’s hard to distinguish between that and physical tiredness sometimes.

Andy messaged me on Friday to let me know that my tea club had arrived- it’s always a good day  when that happens!

How do you know when to rest and when to keep going? Are you easily swayed by a freebie?

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6 thoughts on “Collecting the freebies and a breezy run”

  1. I’m always swayed by a freebie. I live my life using apps and vouchers hehe. You did very well! The pancakes sound delicious. The cakes sound good too.
    I’ve had to rest the past week due to being ill. I knew straight away my body was not up for anything. And though it was a bit annoying to miss parkrun I knew it was for the best. I’ve become sooo much better at recognising the signs and knowing when to chill and when to push. Luckily I’m feeling so much better now.

  2. I usually resist freebies, I don’t like feeling I’m being manipulated into doing/ buying/ having things. Rest is a tough one, heh? I’m not sure I always get it right. I did ten miles this morning after the half at the weekend and feel good on it- sometimes I think I’m better off doing more rather than less, but it’s a tough call. What’s your next half? Good luck with it :o).

  3. Oh I do love a freebie!
    I think I’ve learned to listen to my body better these days. When it comes to feeling tired, I try to decide if I’m mentally tired or physically tired. If it’s mental, I know I’ll feel refreshed after a run. If it’s physical (and more than would be considered “normal” for marathon training) then I know I need to back off or switch my workouts around in order to get some rest.

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