Sunshine feels like a while ago now! (The first week home in the cold)

The last three weeks have whizzed by though! It is most definitely the end of autumn though- lots of frost and cold around now.

The first week after we got back from holiday wasn’t too bad with regards to jetlag- as I slept on the plane a bit, and then stayed awake on Sunday I felt OK for the most part but just felt very sleepy when heading into work (not ideal) so I got back into having some matcha first thing in the morning to wake me up.

I have been loving our little acer tree too- it almost glows in the low morning light.

Happy in my Run Disney top, sad that it can’t be seen under the high viz vest and torch get up!

Lots of frosty mornings too

As for runs, I have a busy day on Tuesday, and was in the habit of running on Tuesday as it was the night I ran with the club. However I have found I prefer running on a Monday, and having a walk after work on Tuesday instead. So the first week was a 3 mile run on Monday, yoga on Wednesday and 4 miles on Thursday. I’ve needed my torch each evening though- it’s so dark and even with the streetlights on, it’s hard to see the pavements as they are in the shadows of the big trees.

On Friday I had booked a massage (my back was rather sore after the overnight flight), and a friend at work had popped out to Starbucks at lunch and got me a cinnamon roll- my favourite! I had it once home with some tea.

On Saturday morning I cycled to parkrun and it was beautiful but so cold! I had on a running t-shirt, long sleeved top and jacket, gloves and a buff, but my face was so sore. I don’t quite know how to work out a warm head + helmet + ponytail- any ideas?

As I was parking my bike I heard “hi Maria” and saw another girl from my running club (Caroline) locking up her bike. She is a speedy runner, but has been running marathons and ultras the last few weekends so was taking it more easy. We ended up running together (a very enjoyable 31:17) and then cycling home together too, as she lives fairly close to me. We both agreed we will have to do it again sometime (and when I am brave she can show me the shortcut through the woods).

I was so cold though, I needed a warm shower and plenty of tea, and ended up sitting under a blanket for a bit too.

I had some work to get on with, so I parked myself in front of the TV (my office is very cold)  and later enjoyed half a mince pie- my first Christmas treat of the year (if we don’t count the Disney gingerbread..).

It was horrible weather by then, so I did a spot of baking, making some spiced pumpkin cake and some little chocolate and peanut butter pretzels.

On Sunday the weather was glorious so I went for a 10 mile run- it was my first double figures run in absolutely ages (probably since Wimpole 10 miles back in October).

How do you cope with jetlag? Have you had many frosty mornings? If you cycle, how do you keep your head warm in the winter?

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4 thoughts on “Sunshine feels like a while ago now! (The first week home in the cold)”

  1. It has been so cold recently hasn;t it? Winter is pretty much here now. I think you can buy caps to put on under your helmet (specifically for this). I should really know this working in a cycle retail company haha.

    On that note, I did just ask my work colleague who then bored me for a solid 10 minutes about different hats. If you are interested, Wiggle do sell different kinds of hats (go to Cycle > Clothing > Head and Neckwear from the menu). [Obviously you can buy these things from other places too!] You can wear a cap under your helmet which has a little front peak thing to keep rain out of your face or for something a lot warmer a thermal headband can help and this will keep your ears warm too. Check me out with my new knowledge! 🙂

  2. Jet lag can be tough. What works best for me is to get a pretty late flight home so that as soon as I get on the plane I want to sleep, then I just have to do my best to stick to a normal routine. A run helps, especially if it can be in daylight (far easier in the summer than right now!).

    We have had so many frosty, icy mornings. I was practically chiselling the ice from my windscreen at the beginning of this week! ?

    1. Yes I’m sure you have the frost a lot worse up in Scotland! Brrrr!
      I agree about the flights- I put on my eye mask as soon as it takes off so I can sleep as much as possible.

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