Festive outings and a festive parkrun

On Monday after work the team I work with headed to The Waffle House for  Christmas get together.

We did a secret Santa and I was given a very cute penguin hottie (the ones you heat in the microwave)  and some penguin socks- very me!

I had their best savoury one- hummus and avocado- it has a lovely sweet chilli dressing (not too spicy) and lots of tomatoes and salad too. When I got home we had to take all the decorations off the tree because the lights had broken and so we had ordered new ones. I also had to finish unpacking from Bath (the lovely maple butter and assorted maple goodies).

On Tuesday I had  a delivery (of two books) to collect, so thought I would get them out on my run (from those Amazon lockers)- when I opened the locker the box was enormous! I had to run home carrying it rather awkwardly! My gorgeous Frozen cup cosy arrived (from Etsy- Pixie Dust Crochet- she makes all kinds of Disney themed things) too. And when I got home (after 4.5 miles) I had got over the 1000 mile running mark on Strava- my most miles as I still have a couple of weeks to go (and when I managed it before, I think I did the final mile on the final day of the year).

After school on Wednesday I went for a walk and did some baking. I also enjoyed some of this gorgeous peppermint bark given to me by a child in my class- it’s so good and a homemade gift is my favourite kind.

Not keen on the blue light netting look down our road!

I made some mincemeat bars which I think I’ll post the recipe for later on.

On Thursday I went on another run- it had poured with rain so I spent a lot of time crossing roads to avoid ankle deep puddles and hidden potholes.

On Friday I wore my penguin/snowman top. Some of us went out to Starbucks for lunch to celebrate the end of term, and then I had a massage booked in town. I loved the wooden Christmas tree up in the waiting area.

Andy’s parents came over in the evening and we had a lovely catch up.

On Saturday morning I was off to Jersey Farm parkrun with my Dad- they were having a festive theme but I would have been wearing Christmas leggings and my new top anyway!

It was so muddy there! It starts on the top of a hill but even there the grass was saturated. Some of the paths were just boggy mud and so in the end there was no point trying to run around them as my feet were soaked! I did get a few comments from the marshals about my top- I really love it!

We walked home and after a shower Mum made us pancakes, although I couldn’t hang about too long as I had afternoon tea booked with some friends.

I loved the cute snowman and little snowflake on the cakes. I think afternoon tea is such a good way to relax and catch up with friends as it doesn’t feel rushed like a meal can.

I fancied a walk after, so I wandered around town for a bit, admiring one of the Home Alone style houses (they have such pretty decorations) and getting a hot drink (and using my cup cosy).

I had a few bits of wrapping to finish up, so I lit some candles (I’ve got a rechargeable candle lighter which is fab- I don’t need matches or the fuel top up for those little hand held lighters, it just charges via a USB) to celebrate the winter solstice (although something I read said it was Sunday and not Saturday…).

Do you like afternoon tea? Have you been to many festive get togethers or events?

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4 thoughts on “Festive outings and a festive parkrun”

  1. Ahh I love the sound of the festive afternoon tea! I haven’t really done much festive stuff recently… mainly because I haven’t had much time off of work so haven’t really got myself into that mindset. This year has been a bit meh with all the Brexit and election business. I just haven’t felt as Christmassy. But I’m looking forward to Christmas eve evening and Christmas Day and Boxing Day 🙂

  2. Ah afternoon tea is my favourite so a festive version would be brilliant,

    I’ve been to one or two Christmas gatherings this year, but nothing so formal as a party. It’s been really fun.

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