A week of rainbow running (or walking)

Last week someone on a running page shared an idea of doing rainbow running (wearing a different coloured top each day). I loved the idea, but I’m not running every day, so I just thought I would go with the colour scheme whether running or not.

On Sunday I’d been on a run (8 miles?) before we did some decorating together. Luckily I’d not worn any of the tops needed for in the week!

We’d had roasted sweet potatoes for dinner so I used the leftovers to make these sweet potato brownies from the Cook Eat Run book- they were sooooo tasty.

So here go the colours:

Monday- red

No running for me- I did some yoga first thing, planted some seeds outside and did a lot more painting.

Tuesday- orange

6 miles in my Ellenbrook Fields parkrun vest. When I got home I saw a link to a virtual run challenge from Brooks- if I had known I could have rounded it up to a 10k and got the next badge. Ah well- there’s always next week (and I got the 5k badge which is just as pretty). Then more decorating, and more walking around the garden.

Wednesday- yellow

4 miles in my Wings for Life race t-shirt. I thought I’d attract a lot of flies but I was OK! Strava hosted an NHS active challenge- you had to donate some money to NHS charities (there was a link in the Strava app) and then do 10 mins of activity per day for 12 days, so I completed that challenge. As it was Andy’s birthday on the Thursday, I decorated his birthday cake- I was going for BB8 inspired, but to me it looked more like tomatoes. (And keeping with the yellow theme, wearing my yellow jumper).

I also did a yoga class via Zoom (although I started late as I had to take some shopping over to my parents).

Thursday- green

5 miles in a t-shirt from my favourite race (races?)- the Ware 10 (miles or k).

I made some hot cross buns (not much yeast left now, so I’ve also started a sourdough starter), and as it was Andy’s birthday we had a big meet up on zoom with his family.

Friday- blue

In my blue Dory top. Friday was a Day Of Jobs.

Up in the garden before it got too hot, getting logs and chairs out of the shed, potting on various plants and trees, weeding, while Andy dug out a new flower bed (rather him than me). Then inside when it got hotter, to wash the walls by the stairs and above the banister, then to paint the walls by the stairs and banister, and then back outside in the garden later in the evening to put plants in the new bed that Andy dug. Day Of Jobs. No running or even a walk (we didn’t unlock our front door all day!) but plenty of steps! We did have “hot cross bun and pot of tea” on our list and we did manage that at around 5pm!

Saturday- purple

5 miles in my parkrun purple volunteer top. I saw these drain covers that made me think of a face so I used my trainers to make a smiley. Home in time for a shower and then the parkrun quiz- 12/15 this week so a pb that I think will take some beating!

Sunday- pink (yes, I know the rainbow usually goes indigo -violet, but in the song it goes purple-pink, so that’s what I’m sticking to!). I’ll save the actual run for another post, but I had 9 very enjoyable miles.

So there we go. A week of rainbow running. It was quite fun to have a bit of a focus, and also made me know which day of the week it was!

Do you ever join in with virtual challenges or runs? My club did a virtual run on Saturday morning as it should have been the 100th parkrun for a couple of members, so we all posted our (individual) runs on our group page for a virtual celebration.

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2 thoughts on “A week of rainbow running (or walking)”

  1. Yay on the rainbow!

    I usually join some of the monthly Strava challenges and have definitely joined more this month – including the NHS one. I also did the Brooks one and plan to try and do those each week. Frankly anything to give me some kind of arbitrary goal as submitting evidence, etc gives me something to do!

    1. It was in the DLP group that gave me the idea 🙂 Although I don’t have enough Disney tops (and most of mine are long sleeved so it was too hot for those last week).
      I agree, it’s good to have a focus even if it’s something like a virtual run, just to keep going.

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