A not parkrun pb and living off tea!

Last week was the penultimate week of term and as always things start to feel even busier as all of the extra end of term/year admin has to fit in around a regular week. Tea (particularly Bird&Blend tea) has been getting me through! After watching Frozen 2, I started watching the behind the scenes series on Disney + which is so interesting as you can see how the various creative people (songwriters, animators, story creators) work together to develop the story.

I really appreciated doing some yoga (Day 17- I’m slowly getting there!) on Monday morning to set myself off in the right frame of mind before a fraught week (I had meetings/ training before or after school every day and sometimes at both ends of the day).

On Tuesday I did a warm up and then the 3.1 miles to have a go at not-parkrun. I didn’t need to stop at all when crossing roads (I mean, I slowed to check, but there were no cars coming) and I was pleased to get home in just under 30 mins (29:46). I only remembered to log my time on Sunday though!

I got rather wet on my Wednesday morning run, and then really enjoyed yoga in the evening. I will miss these classes in the holidays (they are term time only). The final Pret style cookie and some cherries was a very good post-yoga snack.

On Thursday I did another run in the morning (thankfully not quite so wet as the day before). I’ve been getting into a good sourdough routine at the end of the week- on Thursday I get the starter out of the fridge and feed it, and then later on in the evening I mix up the dough (in a mixer with a dough hook)  and leave it to rise overnight. On Friday morning I knead the dough (by hand) and then put it in the basket. Once home I heat up the oven, tip the loaf into the tray and slice the top before baking it. We then have delicious bread on Friday (and freeze any leftover slices).

We decided to do another Choose your own adventure with Kimmy on Friday- it’s good fun and as we tried to choose differently from last time we got to see various new clips. It is so clever the way it works.

I’ve said before that I have enjoyed my early morning runs at this time of year, and one bonus is that when I get home we can have a pot of tea together, and then maybe have a walk (or I’ll get on with some work before dinner). The drawback is that I only have time for a certain length of run- I did quite like doing a 10k on a Tuesday when I was working from home, but I would have to get up way before 5am for that and it just does not seem worth it. I am thinking that once the holidays are here I will get back to a slightly longer run on Tuesdays at least.

Do you like behind the scenes things? On a tangent the podcast Soundtracking with Edith Bowman was really good- each week she would discuss a different film soundtrack, and have a guest on there who worked on it (director/ musician and so on).

What is your favourite type of tea? Usually I would choose Earl Grey (B&B do Earl Grey Creme which has vanilla which is lovely) but I have been loving some of their other special blends such as Peach Cobbler (black tea with peach). I’ve nearly run out of Red Velvet tea and it’s not on sale all year so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it’s in their Christmas in July sale…

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4 thoughts on “A not parkrun pb and living off tea!”

  1. Congratulations on the not parkrun PB. I’m looking forward to the day we can set real parkrun PBs again. Hopefully by the end of the year although I have a suspicion it may be longer if there’s a second wave later on in the year.

    This is going to sound slightly irrational but I’ve tended to avoid behind the scenes type things since I watched a documentary about the making of The Sound of Music. Discovering Christopher Plummer hated children and the actress who played the eldest of the seven children was old enough to be out drinking most evenings with the adults kind of ruined it a little.

    I’m not a coffee drinker but I love tea. I tend to stick to bog standard tea and need to be braver and to explore more teas. The best tea I’ve had was at the Great Wall of China. I have no idea what was in it but it tasted amazing.

    1. Oh no poor you with the sound of music!
      Yeah, I can’t see parkrun returning any time soon, and all autumn races seem to be cancelled now because I think everyone realises that a second wave will be coming and we haven’t even got rid of the first wave yet.

    1. Thanks!
      One of my friends likes just plain tea, although I don’t think we would use that tea because we compost our tea bags so they can’t have any plastic in them.

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