Another not parkrun, a lesson learned and my lockdown locks

Last Saturday I headed over for a run with my dad and brother. Dad had mapped out a new route, partly through woods and taking in a small section of the Jersey Farm route- we are very conscious that we don’t want to be running on the parkrun route on a Saturday morning. We had lovely views across the valley at one point, and again really enjoyed running together. My brother had stopped off at Simmons (a bakers) and picked up croissants for breakfast. I’d still taken my water and tea with me, and we had a lovely breakfast in the garden.

When I got home Andy had been digging up more of the concrete lumps that are hiding in our garden- we have a big pile of junk now! I made some fudge for end of year gifts, using condensed coconut milk (partly as an experiment, but also Ocado didn’t have any normal condensed milk)- it turned out pretty well.

I also did some pottering in the garden and of course had tea sat out there. I kept seeing loads of butterflies feeding on the flowers.

On Sunday morning we had some family coming over, so I postponed my run to the afternoon because I didn’t want to set an alarm. Oh how I wished I had done that! It was so hot! I went through the woods (lovely) but then ended up on the golf course and of course there is no shade there!

I did find a penguin pebble which I just loved!

When I got home I had a peach, and the peach was perfect and juicy and sweet and just what I needed.

I decided to do a lush hair treatment because the ends of my hair are getting quite dry now. I usually get it cut maybe 3 times a year, and as it had been cut at Christmas I would have gone in the Easter holidays. When it became apparent that I would not be having it cut any time soon, I took a “before” photo, and this week decided to do the “part way through” (because I am not braving the hairdressers yet- it’s now been 4 months since I went to a shop and from what I hear they are worse now as loads of people are relaxing and not keeping their distance any more…).  Anyway, I couldn’t see much difference at first but then looking at where my hair is against the lettering on the t-shirt it shows it has grown a bit.

End of March:

Beginning of July:

These lockdown locks are here to stay a bit longer. When I’ve been running in the morning I’ve washed it and blow dried it for a bit but it takes ages to dry, so I’ve been plaiting it and going to work with it damp- it will still be damp when I take the plait out when I get home. I sometimes use straighteners to tidy it up a bit, but I have probably used them a handful of times since March. I’ve got this lovely hair oil from The Body Shop which I leave on as an overnight treatment every now and then. I think I just need to make sure I do a deep condition each week to stop it drying out any more.

How do you look after your hair? Have you braved the hairdressers yet? 

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4 thoughts on “Another not parkrun, a lesson learned and my lockdown locks”

  1. I have been so lazy with my hair since going into lockdown: I wash it, condition it, then leave it to dry naturally – no hairdryer or straighteners since March!
    I’m actually going to the hairdresser on Saturday. My parents already went (we go to the same place) and felt really safe so with the measures they have in place, I’m feeling comfortable with it (and you know I have been super wary!). I think I will have to take a comparative photo some time this week to see how much it has grown…

    1. Yes you must take a photo- your hair does look long in your running photos at the moment.
      It’s good to hear that it felt safe- I don’t know anyone who has been to my hairdresser but I might walk into town one day and have a look to see how it all is working.

  2. I was well overdue a haircut before lockdown so at the minute mine is really long (for me anyway) I’ve found mine is getting really dry on the ends too so I’ve bought a conditioning hair mask which seems to work well. I’ve been allowing it to dry naturally as much as I can too.

    1. I am sure I’ll need a fair bit taken off when I finally do go but at the moment the treatments are keeping it not too dry.

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