A trip to Bath and Bristol for the comedy festival

On Bank Holiday Monday we were off to Bath for a couple of days, so I headed out on a run first thing and then pretty soon we headed off.

We got to Bath around lunch time, and of course headed to Pret (to quote James Acaster, I love to manger). It was super hot and super busy in the town centre- I found it a bit overwhelming with people everywhere, so we walked along the river in the shade. Usually we visit Bath for the Christmas markets and don’t spend that much time outside, so it was good to see the sights a bit more. We’d found a little apartment to stay in so we headed to check in after our walk.

We ordered a Wagamama’s for dinner (click and collect)- the queue outside was crazily busy so we were very glad we’d ordered. However when we got back to our apartment, Andy found he had been given the spicy sauce and not the regular sauce- disaster. He likes spicy things, but this was full of chillis and way too spicy. Luckily I always think there’s too much sauce so I could pour half of mine over his. The poor staff were so busy sorting out all of the orders so it could easily happen.

The next morning we had booked tickets for an NT gardens in the centre of Bath, so we walked there (up a long hill), knowing that the walk in the gardens was downhill and the exit was at the bottom.

Well, when we got there it turned out they were draining the lake and doing some work, so the exit was back at the top again! Lots of walking up and down hills for us! It was lovely to be out in the sunshine, and of course places like that are nice and empty as they limit numbers.

We got some lunch after that, walked to see the Royal Crescent and went to sit in one of the huge parks. We found a nice spot in the shade and just watched the world go by- very relaxing.

After dinner (this time we ordered burgers- I had a nice vegan one from somewhere (I can’t remember) and Andy went to 5 Guys as he really wanted their peanut fries. We had seen another park in the afternoon, so walked over there after dinner.

On the Wednesday we were heading over to Bristol, so after a delicious breakfast of an acai bowl, we packed up and drove to an NT place between the two.  It looked very overcast, and rain was forecast, but as we walked around the gardens it held off. Literally as we were 10 steps from the car it started pouring! It was still raining in Bristol as we wandered around, but did dry up later on. We of course had to go to Bird and Blend for an iced drink- their iced chai’s (or hot ones) are just the best.

For dinner Andy found an amazing  pizza place that only did vegan pizzas, Purezza. We got them delivered and had them in our apartment as we had to head off for the comedy show- the main reason for our trip away.

The show was on the downs, a 2 mile uphill walk from the centre of Bristol- we waked up there but saw lots of people renting the e-scooters. It seemed like a good idea!

The show was really good- we had our own little square of grass with chairs, and then al the pairs of chairs were distanced from each other.  Thankfully it didn’t rain either! John Robbins was introducing each act and chatting in between, and then it was Phil Wang, Ray Badran (who I’d not seen before but was quite funny), Lou Sanders and Josh Widdicombe. It was really enjoyable. It’s funny, with lockdown I was in a nice routine of going on walks or runs, pottering around in the garden and so on. I can occupy myself quite happily, and of course there are ups and downs but most of the time I’ve been fine. However, going to something like this felt so enjoyable, I really hadn’t realised how much I’d missed things like this until I was at one again.  When we got home I booked tickets for a different lineup at the St Albans one.

On our final day we popped out for breakfast (Pret of course- got to make the most of having one nearby) and to B&B for a drink for the road, and then stopped at another NT place on the way home (Cliveden- I actually remembered the name!).

The wildflowers were looking beautiful, and we found a shady walk in the woods which was very much needed in the heat of the day.

Do you like comedy shows? What have you really missed these past many many months?

PS- This was not a staycation, it was a trip away that just happens to be in the same country still.

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