Junior parkrun marshalling and Totoro in London!

After heading to Bury Fields parkrun for Dad’s 250th, I had to head off home and get ready as we were off to London to see Totoro! It’s one of my favourite films, and the RSC had been putting on a performance at the Barbican. We had booked an early dinner and had a bit of a wander around London first, before heading to see it.

About to see Totoro, iced tea with dinner, Christmas lights and the poster

London was looking quite festive, despite this being the start of November! I won’t go into details as they asked for the show not to be spoiled, but suffice to say that if you love the film then you would absolutely love this performance and I can highly recommend it.

In all the layers for marshalling at junior parkrun, a pretty mushroom, pumpkin spiced doughnut and my view from my marshal point.

My niece and nephew were not coming to juniors, so I had offered to marshal (as if they come I will run with them). The weather had decided to be utterly awful. I ran down there as it is less than a mile away, with a view to then do a longer run after. By the time I got there I was soaked- I think the trouble is that I didn’t want to wear loads as I knew I would get hot on my run, but of course standing around for half an hour needs many layers. As the kids started running it did stop raining at least, but by that point I was so cold. I did enjoy cheering them on, and when it finished I then did another 6 miles- I think after 2 miles my hands began to warm up!

What made it better though? A pumpkin spiced doughnut from Crosstown (we had popped in of course when we were in London!).

It reminded me of how grateful I am to all of those parkrun volunteers in these colder months- I much prefer marshalling in the summer when it’s too hot to run and nice to stand around and cheer- standing about in the cold and damp is much harder than running around in the same weather I think!

Do you like Totoro? What is your favourite show to see?

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