Exciting post!

Evening all- it’s the weekend YAY!

Look what I got in the post today;

I emailedΒ nuun ages ago when I read about them in a magazine, but they only had stuff on sale in the US (think the magazine had put it in there too soon or something). I was after a sampler pack as they do 6 different flavours and fancied trying it to see if it would hydrate me better after my long runs (this was back in the summer before my last half marathon).

Anyhoo, they have sent me 3 samples to try- orange with a hint of ginger, tri berry and citrus fruit. They also sent me the water bottle which is exactly the right size for one tab of nuun and 500ml water.

I am super excited about trying them on Sunday, which will be my long run day.

I had a run after work, just because really. The weather for tomorrow is bad, so my long run is sunday, so I did a nice steady 5 miles after work, around the lake and back. It took 50 minutes and while I ran I listened to the medical radio 4 program which was all about biomechanics, orthodics and things. Next week it is going to be about omega 3’s! Fuelled by a nakd gingerbread (heavenly) my run took 50 minutes and I managed to do there and back in the same time, so it was really steady. Good stuff.

Am off out for dinner later yay!

I also got sent this:

Some little packets of Linwoods milled flaxseeds. I emailed them to say how much I like the cocoa one, so they sent me some 25g packets of the plain stuff. It says they could go in soups, so I am thinking at lunch when I have soup I might add some of this to bump up the protein and good fats content.

Exciting stuff anyway- I look forward to trying it all πŸ™‚

A day in the life of my food

I don’t normally photograph all my food, but I did today. So to the pictures first batman.

For breakfast I had some delicious Rude Health Granola that the folks at rude health kindly sent me. I emailed them about their porridge being super running fuel, and so they sent me some granola and porridge to review.

I had it with some cherries and vanilla yoghurt. The granola was so good, and the ingredients are simple; oats, sunflower oil, spelt flakes, barley flakes, honey, date syrup, roasted almonds, sunflower seeds, puffed amaranth, roasted hazelnuts. No salt, no weird additives or (grrr) whey powder that so many cheaper mueslis and granolas have added. Apparently it won a great taste gold award in 2010; impressive stuff. I should also imagine it would be great in ice cream!

My boyfriend tried some too (he also loved it) and he also loved the packaging- lots to read. The packet reccomends just “nomming handfulls of it straight out of the box”. What a good idea!

It was soooooo delicious, the perfect amount of crunch, the nuts are chopped quite small so you get a nutty crunch in each bite. Delish. 10/10 cherries I say! I look forward to the porridge on a cold morning. πŸ™‚

My lunch was again a roasted pepper and cream cheese sandwich on wholegrain bread, with tomatoes and an apple (in the cute tubs).

After the kids went home I sat down at my computer to do some work, and I had planned a longish run today (well, 5 ish miles I think), so I had this while I worked;

But as I was driving home, it was getting darker and darker, full headlights and triple speed wipers were needed, roads were flooded, it was torrential. So in the end I did the shred DVD, and by the time that had finished the sun had almost come out, so I went out for a shorter run. I did just under 3 miles in 28 minutes, but by the end my legs were feeling really stiff. I think the lunges and stuff in the DVD made it worse. But anyway, it was still lovely to get in the fresh air after being inside. I do really like getting outside and in the fresh air.

WHen I looked at my Nike+ I had managed the first mile in 10.30 (not bad for me and it is uphill gently) and the second one in 8.48 (super fast but it was down hill). The last bit I tried to slow down for a bit of a cool down (and my legs were stiff) and it was still 9.23.

After some stretching and a shower I had a bit of a hotch potch dinner. Some quinoa, spinach and kidney beans with tomatoes and garlic, alongside beetroot, green beans, butternut squash and some butternut squash falafels.

Twas yummy indeed.

I watched some of the great british bake-off this evening- can you believe that puddings used to be all made of meat? I did know that mince pies were meat, and the suet in puddings is from animals too, but can you imagine finishing a meal with some meat? Not me!

I have not had dessert yet, but in order to bump up the old omega 3’s I might have some of the flaxseed cocoa mix stuff in some yoghurt.

This stuff is nice- it adds a bit of a thicker texture to yoghurt or dessert, and you only need a small amount (I have 15g) to make a big difference.

I am off to catch up on some blogs and then carry on with The Shield.


Lunch box fun

Well today the children were back, so it was a very busy (but fun) day.

I had a delicious lunch (my boyfriends idea)- we roasted some peppers with oregano , and had them in a sandwich with cream cheese. Super tasty.

Alongside I had some cherry tomatoes, and a peach, which I put in my super-cute lunch tubs:

(Big one for the peach and smaller one for the tomatoes). They are so cute, they make lunch fun! Well, how else would you make lunch time fun?

(It’s like the Old Navy advert- shopping is fun again! Well, now my lunch is fun).

After work I wasn’t holding out much hope for a good run, as heavy rain was forecast, but luckily when I got home it was not raining so I quickly changed and headed out. I decided to do a sort of speed session; I did these last year but have got out of the habit a bit. So I warmed up for a mile or so, and then after that I did intervals of running fast for a count of 20 (not too scientific!) and then slowing down for the same time, for about 8 times maybe (probably just over a mile) and then half a mile of gentle running for a cool down. It was good and I am going to make myself do it as I can get into the habit of doing lots of plodding miles and not much else. Which is fine, as I enjoy it, but I also do want to get a little bit faster.

Then I did the shred workout before my shower. Good stuff.

For dinner I had kidney beans, red onion, pepper, chilli, corn and tomato all mashed up, and baked in a wholewheat tortilla, with a big salad (with some flaxseed oil for those goood fats- good for me joints you know)- yummy πŸ˜‰

And now to relax- night all.

Long run and running questions


This morning I was off on my long run, and as it was not too hot I tried out a new route with more roads and less grass, which ended up a little bit longer than last weeks’ long run. I want to increase the lenght of my long run but I don’t run well in the heat so if it is very hot I am going to run a shorter distance.

In the end I was out for 90 minutes, for about 8.5 miles. On the Nike+ I was pretty consistent (I made a concious effort to start out slower this time), and only slowed down in the middle part where I am running on grass full of mole hills and rabbit holes- for the sake of my ankles I need to slow down!

Once home it was time for a clif bar (peanut) and some chocolate nesquick (yum).

So good!

Then after my shower I spent some time in the garden (in fact it ended up being an hour of digging and planting the new plants!) before luinch of squash and carrot soup, and some toast.

I was also having a look at some other blogs and on Lauras blog she had a list of questions for anyone who read it to answer. So- here they are:

  1. What do you feel is your biggest fitness acheivment?- For me this would be recently running a half marathon (well, 2 in fact). I never even thought I would run a 5K so I was very emotional when I finished.
  2. What is your favourite type of music to listen to when you run? I love upbeat rock/ indie music, I suppose you would describe it as- Ash, A, Kasabian, Hard Fi- I have a few albums but normally have a “running” album on my mp3 which I add to when I fancy it. I also love a bit of cheese like girls aloud- shhhh don’t tell anyone!
  3. What is your favourite distance? At the moment I think it is 10k, as it is the distance I feel I can improve on the most. I am not built for sprinting so I think improving my 5K time is hard. I did love the first half I did, so it’s between those two.
  4. What’s the most impulsive thing you’ve ever done fitness wise? Booking a 10K race after I had run a 5K. I kept it a secret for a while as I was a bit worried that I would not manage to run it!
  5. What’s your favourite post race/run meal? What I love is a massive bowl of soup (with some beans or lentils- I love sainsburys spicy 3 bean soup), some home -made bread and a big cup of tea. This is especially perfect in the winter.
  6. What’s your favourite pre-run fuel? Something with oats. Either porridge, or bircher muesli.
  7. Do you use gels or anything similar to fuel during long runs? The only thing I used when running half marathon was either a gluten free nakd bar after 8ish miles, or some of the nakd flavoured raisins. I find I could eat these while still running, and they gave me a little energy for the end of the run.
  8. Why did you start running? I walked a race for life with a friend (I had not even heard of them) and after it I felt that I should have been able to run it after seeing all the women of all ages, shapes and sizes running. So I kept it to myself as a secret new years resolution to run it the following year to prove that I could run it.

Good questions Laura!

Now if anyone reads this and also runs, maybe you can answer some of my questions (either here or on your own blog- let me know!).

1- Why did you start running?

2- Where is your favourite place to run?

3- What would your ultimate running goal be?

4- Have you ever sustained any running related injuries?

5-What is your must-have piece of running kit?

6- What other sports/ exercise do you do alongside running?

That’s all folks!


Teapigs chai

Hooray! Today I decided to treat myself (well, after 2 days at work I needed the weekend!!!) to a lovely cup of teapigs chai tea.

Teapigs chai is made from tea (assam), cinnamon, ginger, cassia, cardamon pods, vanilla and cinnamon flavour.

It comes in a pretty “tea temple” and you can see all the spices through the fabric.

I had mine with milk as I like chai like that, and it was soooooooooo good. It really tastes so warm and spicey; the cinnamon flavour is delicious, but not too sweet. A lot like the starbucks chai tea (which I love by the way) but in a nicer teabag! And you can keep a box in your kitchen- bonus!

See the pretty bags?

Anyway, if you like chai I bet you will love this! Look on the teapigs site here for more info if you want to!

Aside from that, I went to work, came home and went on a gentle 2.6 mile run (27 mins) and then did the level 1 shred- helps to get over the body pump aches! My run was very up and down today; I think I kept speeding up and then realising it and trying to slow down as I wanted a gentle run- save some energy for my longer one tomorrow.

I made some nice bread to have with dinner (didn’t take a pic) and also had a walk this evening in the sunshine. Honestly, each year as soon as the schools go back the weather gets so much better!