Weather watch

Evening lovelies:)

I saw on the weather that we might possibly have more snow here tonight, so I decided to make the most of the pavements and have another run today (ah running, I have missed you so much). After some yummy porridge (I went old school with raisins and cinnamon) I headed out with the latest marathon talk podcast (and wearing my new long sleeved warm top and ear warmer headband thingy). I did think that Tonys rendition of the 12 days of christmas was so funny- I was laughing as I ran along! Thankfully the pavements were clear of people! I did 6 miles, in just under an hour, before heading home fora nice warm shower. The wind was cold out there today!

I have been watching a bit of the news and see the America is having crazy snowstorms, and it has been freezing in Florida- I am quite glad that we did not get stuck in a snow storm out there.

We needed a few grocery items (seriously, since being home we have been so unorganised- normally we order it all online and plan our meals, but I think we were not planning on being here, we have not really thought about it so we keep running out of things). Anyway, the Sainsburys is right by an M&S so we popped in (along with a million other people)- gosh it was so busy in there. Ten minutes was enough to remind me why I prefer online shopping!

One of my friends was at Next at 5 this morning, and another has spent 7 hours shopping. Craziness I say! Anyone else been hitting the sales?  I ordered myself a waist bottle holder thingy from wiggle as I get sore shoulders from holding a bottle in my hand, but that is the extent of my sale shopping so far!

Festive recap and (gasp) a run!

Hello all

(Some of my gifts lucky me- some super warm slippers, a cute lunch pot and flask, and some clinique perfume)

I hope you all had a fab day yesterday, and are having a relaxing boxing day (although, not sure if it is boxing day as it is a Sunday?).

Anyway, here is a quick recap of yesterday first of all.

We got up nice and late, had breakfast (pumpkin porridge for me) and then opened some presents. Andy was feeling bad as my present was a surprise trip to Discovery Cove, and we were supposed to be there on Monday, but he had to tell me at the airport, and we have postponed it until the summer. So I had nothing to open from him, and I don’t think he believed me when I said I didn’t mind. The gift from him is amazing and I have months of looking forward to it 🙂

(Some of my running gifts- tops, loads of gels and bars to try, Born to Run and RUN LESS RUN FASTER )

We had a walk (it was so cold out there I think my eyeballs froze), I had some clementines, and then we headed to his parents house for the afternoon and evening. We had a lovely dinner -I provided a pumpkin and goats cheese canneloni for my meal, as Andy’s mum has enough cooking to do. I piled up the carrots too (but I declined the sprouts- I am not a fan!). I also had some yummy christmas pudding with a little bit of ice cream. Later in the afternoon we opened our presents together, played some games, watched Strictly, played more games, and had a cheese and picalilli sandwich and some cake. The best game was a rather competative game of Articulate . It was a great day- I love the fact that no-one is in a hurry, we spend ages playing silly games and it is totally relaxing. Eating wise, I had not enough fruit and veg, and too much cake, but in the grand scheme of things it is one day.

(Some baking related pressies including a cupcake stand, some teapigs tea and The Great British Book of Baking – I have seen so many fab looking recipes in there!)

Andy was also given a Marmite cook book and the weirdest thing of all- Marmite chocolate. He loves marmite and spreads it really thickly, and his Mum got it as she had given his other brothers other chocolate that they liked- I think it was a “I saw this and thought of you in an instant!” kind of gift. Now, I do like marmite, but I don’t love it. And I feel very suspicious of it. Anyone tried it?

Now, onto today. Andy was off to watch a football match (which I have just heard has been called off after he made the journey there) and I went on a run! Hooray! I have not run since the wednesday before last, and it was such a great run! I had to be so careful getting to the clear pavement, as every day the pavement by my house gets even more slippery. But once I was there, it was fab! There was a mile stretch, so I went out and back 3 times (for 6 miles) and I amazed myself by being totally steady- every time I turned another 10 minutes had gone. My legs were like a metronome!  I passed the same family 6 times as they were walking on the same stretch of pavement! Once home I had what I like to call the cold weather glow!

(My cheeks looked pinker in real life than they do in the pic!)

Once shower and clif bar later and I felt a little warmer, and a slightly more normal colour!

(How do other bloggers take such good pics of themselves? I just can’t do it!! At least my head was actually in this pic- a few of them ended up being of the wall!)

And now it is time for some baking- my poor oven must be wondering what is going on haha!

So, did you all have a lovely christmas? What is your fave christmas family game?  And did you manage some exercise over the last few days?

Walking on clouds


Yesterday was the secret santa present swap at work. We don’t buy for individual people but get a themed present which are then randomly given out. I was given two pairs of fluffy bedsocks (the theme was “warm”).

After work I had a run (5 miles in the drizzle- I was so tempted by a cup of tea but I had posted on wlr in the morning that I would go- I felt better after!) and after my shower I put on a pair of the socks. It feels like I am walking in clouds they are so soft! Perfect for this time of year.

After yesterdays panic I am feeling a bit better about being ready. I have most of my clothes ready, Andy has been charging all the cameras and things, and I have a list of toiletries that I need to get tomorrow. I am having my hair cut 🙂 and as it is late night opening I can pop to the shops on my way back to pick up the last few bits I need.

I am off to relax now 🙂

Better run and home-made gifts


After my bath last night (and deep heat) my leg felt better today, so after work I went on a short, 3 mile, gentle run to help loosen it further. I took it easy and although I felt ok, made myself stop after those 3 miles. The run was good, although it was colder than I had anticipated so was still chilly every time I stopped (to cross roads etc).

Then it was time to sort out the gifts I have been making.

I made some cranberry and white chocolate fudge- I used the Rachel Allen recipe for white chocolate fudge and added in cranberries for a festive touch. I was going to add in pistachios too (for the green colour) but I wasn’t sure if anyone was allergic so they are in the cupboard for another time. I got some little food gift bags from Sainburys;

I think the bags make it look so cute- much better than in a sandwich bag!

I also melted a few squares of dark chocolate to finish off the Mickeys I made for Andy (and the Minnies for me 🙂 )

Also a picture of the baby christmas cakes I made for our work tea tomorrow. I halved a christmas cake recipe and cooked it in a small square tin, once cool I cut it into little squares, covered each one with marzipan and then icing. (This I did on Sunday).

🙂 I am thinking that they will go perfectly with a cup of tea after work (its a sort of end of term social at school for all the staff) and as they are quite small people will have one.

Off to pack up all the presents to take to work now, so exciting- night 🙂

Hard run

Hey all, and welcome to the non gingerbread post of the weekend!

Friday and Saturday evenings we had family over for dinner and stollen etc, so it was pretty busy.

I went on my run, and it was my last long run before holiday. I managed 8.7 miles in 92 mins, but it was hard work, my legs felt heavy and I felt tired. I told myself it was all in my mind, and I knew that if I didn’t do the whole distance I would be annoyed with myself for a while. Also I had not taken any water with me. I normally do on longer runs, but the last few weeks it has been so cold that my hand holding the bottle (even with gloves) had got too cold so I have been leaving it at home. Yesterday was much milder and I should have taken it with me. Anyway, once home it was time for nesquick and my last US clif bar, only I had run out of nesquick. Please note that cocoa powder mixed with milk does not mix as well or taste the same!

After a shower it was lunch time (it was about half 1 I think!) and so I treated myself to toast with chocolate PB;

Yum 🙂 I also had some nuun rehydration (well, a tablet in a big glass of water). I really think it helps; without fail I would have a headache every single Saturday after a long run, but since taking this as well as water I hardly get them at all. I still do occasionally, but not regularly and certainly not every week. So if you have a problem with headaches after runs then they would be worth a try. (I just ordered a new pack from wiggle so they are on my mind).

Over the weekend I was busy making the gingerbread house. I also made a cake for our work tea next week, which I cut into little squares and have since covered in marzipan and icing. Very fiddly, but I think they will be appreciated.

Today I tried mince pie porridge- I cooked porridge as usual and then added a spoonful of mincemeat and some cinnamon. It was tasty.

My legs have been so stiff today, so I think I actually found the run yesterday harder work than usual. I had a walk up to the shops and back (for about an hour) which helped a bit, but I am going to see if a bath later will help.

Tonight I am going to watch Inception- we had some kind of deal with Sky to get it for free, so the plan is to watch that while wrapping the last few presents, and writing a few cards. It’s not a festive film at all, but it gets deleted tonight!

Anyone else loving the Kirsty and Phil Christmas shows? I think (exepct for cooking the ham and stuff) they did all my favourite festive things. I think in an ideal world home-made gifts are perfect. When I was little we made decorations for the tree and I have no idea how we did them, I would love to do that sort of thing. Although making cards has never appealed to me. I have made some fudge for people at work so hopefully they will appreciate the time and effort 😉