Born to Run

I finished Born to Run , and as promised I am going to do a little review (without giving anything away I hope).

I cannot emphasise how great I think this book is. It is a pretty easy read, but at the same time it has some great information on various running studies slotted in. The author, Christopher McDougall, tells the story of how  (after suffering more and more running injuries) he tried to track down the Tarahumara tribe of Mexico, famed for running great distances. The book flits between his experience, and the stories of various other ultra-runners that become involved in the story. I found the chapters about different races particularly gripping, as you could imagine yourself watching these 100 mile races, and it is hard to predict who will win. The athletic feats of the people involved are also pretty amazing.

The book is filled with inspiration, as well as tips and information (as part of the story, not removed from it) on running technique, nutrition (chia seeds which are all over blog land at the moment are featured in there), and footwear. I also feel like it is a book I will read again, so it is well worth a purchase in my opinion.

So, basically, if you love running, or are injured from running, or are feeling in need of some inspiration, then read it and see.

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3 thoughts on “Born to Run”

  1. A review of Born to Run that doesn’t mention barefoot running? That book is basically the beginner barefoot runner’s handbook!
    But I agree.. I loved it. He overemphasizes the “magical effects” of chia seeds, though.

    1. Well I suppose the barefoot bit was included in the running technique! I did find those parts interesting, but for me the main draw was the incredible achievements of all the runners in the book- the distances they covered in the terrain, heat etc.

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