The results are in


Yesterday I went to aerobics, and first of all, a newbie turned up wearing (I kid you not) a roll neck woolly jumper. She must have been boiling by the end!

Anyway, that was all fine and dandy.

Today was a 6 mile run (fartlek- ooh get me using the proper runner terms!)- I like this because it is a bit like intervals (eg you get the endorphins from running fast) but you can stop/ slow down when you want. Kind of. Anyway the 6 miles went well, a slow warm up and then 3 miles at 9.54 (what?????? that was actually my average speed! I am always excited to see anything under a 10!) and finished, get this, average speed 9.04. I cleaned my glasses just in case I read it wrong! To be fair the first few miles as well as being a warm up, were gently uphill, in the rain and facing into the wind. The next ones were slightly downhill with the rain easing off and then stopping, and the wind blowing me home! But I am still taking it!

Dinner was the pumpkin quinoa tofu experiment.

The results are in and it turns out this is just as yummy as plain pasta. Although a little drier- I think the quinoa soaks up more liquid as it cooks in the oven so I might have to add something next time. But still delicious and so creamy. I love the beetroot too- pink food 🙂

I made some rice pudding with the last of my Kara coconut milk too (no picture coz I was hungry like the wolf).

I have a question about feet;

Normally after most showers I like to put cream on my feet as I don’t want too much dry skin. But then I read somewhere that it is good to have harder skin on the feet to help with running for long amounts of time. So come on all you runners- do I let the skin dry up or keep going with the cream?

Random, but hopefully helpful.

Night 🙂

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15 thoughts on “The results are in”

  1. Roll-neck jumper? I bet she won’t be doing that again!

    I have problems with hard skin on my feet and see a chiropodist fairly regularly. Last time I went he said I needed a certain amount of hard skin to protect my feet, but too much is uncomfortable. So, it’s a balance – I’d definitely do some moisturising.

  2. Lol, this post really made me laugh!

    I leave my feet to harden, but as Sarah says, if you get uncomfortable buildups in certain places that can be a problem. If you’re not experiencing blisters though then I don’t see a reason to worry.

    And yaay to purple food! 😀

  3. That quinoa dish looks MEGA interesting! I’m looking to start experimenting with quinoa a bit more… Recipe?!
    As for the feet thing, i’m terrible and really pay no attention to them, which I’m SURE is gonna take its toll once my mileage starts increasing haha

  4. I’ve got calluses on the ends of a couple of toes and hard skin down the outside of both big toes and ball joints. I see them as badges of honour as well as a nice bit of protection against further troubles.

    Nice work on the fartlek!

  5. Thanks 🙂
    Maybe I will use the cream every now and then so it doesn’t get too bad.
    And enjoy my badges of honour!

  6. That’s bizarre…I’ve seen some funny exercise gear in my time but a wool jumper beats them all.

    My feet are terrible: think missing or black toenails, blisters, hard skin, the lot…I really should take better care of them!

    Great improvements with the pace as well 😀


  7. Hey cupcake! I’m used to orrible feet after battering them with years of pointe work in ballet class….now I’ve swapped ballet shoes for trainers and although I do get hard skin, I bareley notice it! 🙂

    1. HEllo Emma 🙂
      It seems that hard skin is nothing that will cause / stop blisters so I am not going to worry 🙂

  8. Haha I can’t believe someone would turn up in a jumper, I bet the poor girl was so uncomfortable!

    I really wouldn’t know about the feet.. I just leave mine to be as they are, but that kind of sums up my beauty regime!

  9. Lol that someone turned up to aerobics in a jumper!! Hilarious!! 😀

    CONGRATS on your super-speedy run!!! That’s AMAZING!!!

    And trust me, my feet are a nightmare. I think I leave it at that- no description needed! 😛

  10. Omg i love the title of your blog, it’s precious!! I’m so glad you enjoyed my guest post today on Carrie’s blog 🙂 I’m happy I was able to write one because it introduced me to your blog!! 🙂

  11. Laura- I know it was totally crazy (poor girl).
    Emma- thanks 🙂 Sometimes I can see that the training is paying off!
    Sara- hi- and thanks 🙂

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