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I was busy yesterday, mainly in the kitchen as you will see (and also the garden centre- I love this time of year- time to plant out some seeds soon yay!).

First up a clue;

Pumpkin tofu pasta.Of course you all got it from the clue- well done- stickers all round. Β Only I changed it up a bit. I cooked 70g quinoa and 100g wholemeal pasta first. Then I whizzed up 1/2 tin pumpkin with the block of tofu and 25g sundried tomatoes.

I mixed that with the pasta/ quinoa, and layered it with some spinach.

And topped with sliced beetroot. It is going to be yummy I am sure (but currently it is all in the freezer- fab for a midweek meal).

I also made some cookies for sunday tea (which merged on the tray to make super cookies!) ;

I used the good old Hummingbird Peanut cookie recipe, and I used some new wholegrain spelt flour. Ocado didn’t have Dove’s farm stuff so I ordered this stuff- it is amazing! It has a proper texture, and the cookies were so nutty and chewy and delicious.

Can you see?

I also did some snacking!

Some yummy mango with no sulphur dioxide! How exciting! This was also amazing.

And some delicious dark chocolate. Although for some reason I thought this was going to have cacao nibs in it, but it was plain. Still tasty (and some left for another day yay).

Today was a 9 mile run and I slept fine (unlike before the 10 milers where I was really nervous). I think for some reason 10 miles after work seems like a massive deal, but 9 was fine. The pace was still a bit changeable, and I managed a few at 9.55 and 10.09 in the middle. 96 mins (9.2 miles) so not bad overall.

I am off to start mega commenting so watch out! πŸ™‚

PS- do you know what I saw on my run this evening????

A man doing a poo in a field. And the weirdest thing? He had toilet paper with him and even wiped his bottom.

Sorry about that just had to share!

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16 thoughts on “A foodie post”

  1. Oh my god. Seriously? I thought I had seen it all when a young child did one in front of the community centre I used to work at, eww. Sounds like a great 9 miles and those cookies look seriously good!

  2. Not guilty. My bladder may sometimes be weak but as yet I’ve never laid pipe during a run.

    Not feeling that 9 miles is any big thing is definitely a good sign.

    I’m old and fear change. I have no idea what mega commenting is but it worries me.

  3. Ha ha Rob- it only meant going around all the blogs and commenting! NOt essays or anything!
    Yeah you do see people (men) doing a quick wee in the bushes, but it was the preparation of having toilet paper- if you thought you might need to go then perhaps stay at home? Or nearer home?
    Anyway thanks for those comments πŸ™‚

  4. oh that reminds me of when I was just 17 in my first job. I had come out of the building through the back door and one of the town centre ‘regulars’ was squatted in the corner (in full view of all passers by) doing his business…..

    and not a sheet of toilet paper in sight πŸ™

  5. I’ve heard of runner’s trots but that is ridiculous. Gave me a good laugh this morning to read that though!

    That’s such a clever idea to freeze things in those foil trays so you have your own ‘ready meals’ but much healthier. I’ve just been using freezer bags, which makes one heck of a mess when defrosting the meals/extracting them at a later date.

    Thanks so much for your comment ~ my Dad’s in a much better state this morning, so fingers crossed he’ll be out by the week-end. Getting him to hospital quickly seems to have helped a lot.


  6. ewwwwwwww…..that’s disgusting….especially that he did it in full view… I must admit that I always take some tissues with me as my runners tum comes on very very fast and I’d hate to be totally caught out!
    Must add that I’ve never had to use them though….hopefully it’s one of being prepared things!


  7. The thing is he wasnt out running- I just think that if you thought you might need to go, then perhaps you would stay at home? Someone at work reckons it is a truck driver as apparently they are known for it (although I did point out they use service stations!).
    Who knows!

  8. Lol at that guy! I guess if you know it’s a problem when running, you go prepared.. !

    And I love the idea of topping that pumpkin pasta with beetroot. I’m in the middle of a bit of a beetroot craze at the moment!

    Great job on last week too btw — you’re doing great, and sounding so positive and enthusiastic!

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚
      I am loving beetroot too- and the stuff in it (I forget what- nitrates or something) are great for helping your blood to be more efficient at carrying oxygen around the body, so it’s all good stuff πŸ™‚

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