You know you had a good workout when…

your eyeballs are sweating!

Or is that too much information haha!

Body pump was fab. Perhaps that is my most-typed sentence on here. But it was. I went for it in the back track- added on more weights after last week, on the outside of the clips so I could tip them off in the last break. But, I kept them on! Woo! Those overhead press things are so hard, but also immensely satisfying. I went back up to the normal weight for biceps, and added some for the lunges too (so back to normal). In the abs track my eyeballs were sweating. I am not sure if that is actually possible, biologically speaking. But that is what seemed to be happening!

Not much else to report. I did take a picture of my chocolate collection. It was spread around different cupboards, and I realised that perhaps I should not buy any more until I have finished it. (But in my defence, it was on offer in various places so worth it overall).

Today I had a few squares of the dark chocolate with raspberry- yum 🙂

Hooray it is nearly the weekend! I am already starting to half panic about the long run (17-18 miles- not sure why I gave myself a choice really). But I am also going to find my collection of seeds (and hope they have not gone past their plant by date) and plant some- yay! I love the season of gardening.

So, finish the sentence; You know you have had a good workout when…..

Or I am looking forward to the weekend because…

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12 thoughts on “You know you had a good workout when…”

  1. I know I’ve had a good workout when I can’t get by sports bra off because my arms are too shaky! Happened this week. Embarrassing having to ask someone to help…

    And I know what you mean about sweating eyeballs! I’m sure it can’t happen, but I’ve definitely had very stinging eyes from sweat before! Great bodypump session, clearly!

  2. I know I’ve had a good workout when my hair self-washes in my own sweat. Sorry…but I don’t generally sweat much at all, even when I’m pushing things hard. When I need to wipe my brow I know I’m giving it my all.

    Nice chocolate stash! I think that lot might just last me a week.


  3. Haha, I love that, eye balls sweating! I know I’ve had a good workout when even after my shower I’m still ‘glowing’ (i.e. still a sweaty piggy) – it feels like an ‘after burn’ affect that I just seem to get after running. I love that feeling 🙂

  4. I know I’ve had a good workout when I have to peel my undies off and no, it’s not because I peed my pants :p

    and I am looking forward to the weekend because…. I’M NOT AT WORK!

  5. Hooray for the weekend!
    And for mega sweaty workouts!
    Jessica I can’t believe you hardly sweat- you are some kind of machine for sure!
    Oh yeah Alison sports bras are so annoying!
    Laura- I have that in the summer (the glow after the shower)- don’t cool down for hours!
    Laura- you are right so yummy.
    Tracey- haha on the pants thing!

  6. I know when I’ve had a good workout when my clothes are soaked and I have the feeling of walking on a cloud 😀 Love me some endorphins.

    I’m looking forward to the weekend because I love being productive. Got some domesticated stuff to do and a clean house always makes me happy and then an 11 mile walk tomorrow for charidee 😀

    Good luck on your run mrs! x

  7. You know you have had a good workout when….. you have to sit and watch the next class before you are ready to drive home 🙂

    So far so good with my weekend, bit of gym this morning, shopping and lunch tomorrow with mates – YAY xx

  8. Leanne- totally agree love the endorphins 🙂
    Lara- that is a good idea! I feel like that after pump sometimes!

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